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1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

Just added the 1981 Countdown Annual on countdownmemories. You will find it on the "Annuals" page ***


Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

awesome. I see it's in pdf too. Much easier to print out in one go. I have printed it in high quality colour print and have spriral bound it. Almost as good as the original - one day I'll get my hands on it.

Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

Jason can I ask a stupid question ! I have to sort something out with some old school magazines for my old school group on facebook. The way you have done the countdown annuals would seem to suit best. How exactly do I scan something as a PDF and then join it all up as one "book".
Then I gather its emailable ? or I can upload it to my existing webspace the way you have done to the countdown annual ?

Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

Ah dear!

Unfortunately I am not so good with a technical answer to that question. My website designer actually does these things for me, He asked me if I want it in PDF and I said yes, as it is easier to view. I will be getting all the other Annuals changed to PDF as well soon. I can ask him your question for you, if you wish???

Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

LOL and here I was thinking I had finally found an expert!! hehehe
Its so funny - we see PDFs everywhere on the net and at work etc but for the life of me I have yet to find anyone who knows how to make them - its becoming the worlds biggest mystery!
If you could possibly ask your webmaster as a big fav They can email me via the xmen site if they like.
And some day in return - when I find the errant boxes in the shed - I will dig out some of CD mags and annuals for you!

Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

Thanks heap to Mark who spotted my query and emailed me a step by step set of instructions !!

Now I have a new project to do!!!!

Re: 1981 COUNTDOWN Annual Update

Only just got "Rock All Over The World" done for me by Michael(thanks Michael),but thank you Jason for finally puttin' it up for everyone to see.
Fantastic stuff,as is the 1980 annual,which I was very lucky to have picked up 2nd hand after work this mornin'.
Just wish both had the singles and album charts like some of the later annuals did-never mind.
Findin' the 1980 annual this mornin' made my day!