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rage's January FORMAT...

Hmmmm, Judging by the video's era for this weekend coming rage are doing years by years...

Last weekend we had 1965 to 1975, this weekend 1975 to 1980. next week 1980 to 1985 e.t.c...

Last weekend will be 1990 to - 1995 (VOMMIT)

I am a tad over #01 Hits for "RETRO VIDEOS"... Who wants NO.01 hits, I want obscure!!!

And once again, far to much 1980 this weekend... 1981 and 1982 KICK ASS!

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

The Saturday morning No.1 videos is a segment that you may as well not bother with. You will find them on any compilation DVD. Boring

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

yeah, same old same old. They are playing it safe. Appealing to the masses out there. Those clips/songs now **** me to tears!

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

I am notliking this stick to a theme nonsence. It is to bloody restricted!

That means next week will be the only time we will get to see 1981-1985 videos? And NO.01's!!!!

So I doubt Taxi Mary by Jo Jo Zep will be played along will all the RARE Early to mid 80's videos. rage really are somketimes very lazy in my opinion!

They should have people with real passion for music, not those who just want to please the masses!

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

#1's can be restricting it's like when 80's cds are released and it's ALWAYS Tainted Love,Don't You Want Me yada yada same old. Great songs but..

I bought a great 3cd collection recently called 'electric 80's' which has some lesser known tracks. eg instead of Tainted Love it has the far superior and much ignored Torch

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

yeah I know what you mean Gary about those 80's CD's. It is so hard to find something different in 80's compilations. The current one (and shown on TV) is 101 80's Hits. Same old, same old, but it still sells. I bought this excellent 80's rare hits double CD a few years back from Myer. I think it is a UK pressing, popular 80's acts, but their other less known hits. Probably were small hits in the UK, but didn't dent the Oz charts. I will post the tracklisting up here in the near future.

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

Here's the CD I was talking about:


Careless Memories - Duran Duran (1981)
Sunset Now - Heaven 17 (1984)
The Medal Song - Culture Club (1984)
It Doesn't Have To Be - Erasure (1985)
Passing Strangers - Ultravox (1980)
She Loved Like Diamond - Spandau Ballet (1982)
Best Kept Secret - China Crisis (1986)
Night Porter - Japan (1982)
Telegraph - OMD (1983)
Icing On The Cake - Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy (1985)
Heart Of Gold - Johnny Hates Jazz (1988)
Give It Up - Talk Talk (1986)
The Same Old Scene - Roxy Music (1980)
Tokyo - Classic Nouveaux (1981)
Absolute - Scritti Politti (1985)
I Scare Myself - Thomas Dolby (1984)
The Other Side Of Love - Yazoo (1982)
I've Been In Love Before - Cutting Crew (1986)

War Child - Blondie (1982)
Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol (1984)
Bear Cage - The Stranglers (1980)
What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend - The Special AKA (1984)
Floweres Of Romance - Public Image Limited (1981)
So In Love With You - Spear Of Destiny (1988)
Blind - Talking Heads (1988)
Plan B - Dexy's Midnight Runners (1981)
Love Song - Simple Minds (1981)
Make My Heart Fly - The Proclaimers (1987)
World Without You - Belinda Carlisle (1987)
The Heart Of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis And The News (1984)
It Could Happen To You - Robert Palmer (1988)
Dancing In The Dark - Kim Wilde (1983)
The More I See (The Less I Believe) - Fun Boy Three (1980)
Ouija Board Ouija Board - Morrissey (1989)
The Dreaming - Kate Bush (1982)
The Second Summer Of Love - Danny Wilson (1989)

Re: rage's January FORMAT...

Never seen Careless Memories on a comp before,it isn't even on DDs greatest hits. The CD I mentioned had Planet Earth but it was the night version..