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Re: Durant sheet metal for sale

How would I know left front non welled fender fits passenger cars 407, 610, 611, 612, 614, 617, 618 ?
Apparently, there is some difference with welled fenders in Leaside aftermarkets not US aftermarket's 407, 614 to serial B4269, 617 And 614 after serial B4269, 618.

Ah the little grey cells kicked in, that's Leaside catalogue and Jan 1 1931 614 starts B4270 and up. 618 is also Canada 1931 / 32. Catalogue is slightly incorrect it should say T4269 which is end of 1930 Leaside vins, Effective Jan 1931 Leaside dropped the T on passenger cars but not Rugby trucks 1930 - 1933. 1931 to end of 1933 was A-P alpha minus I, O which makes sense as they could be seen a 1 or 0 but why N in Fronty's ? M was C-400 and P was C-600. Did they plan another model or upgrade to one of the two. Each upgrade the alpha changed. Perhaps the 685 was going to have an upgrade in 1933 so the K changed to N ? which didn't happen. Always guessing games with Billy's empire.

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