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Star car for sale on Face Book - Sedalia, MO

I posted this on the Durant Face Book page, but wanted to give it as much exposure as I could. Thinking someone will be interested in purchase?
This is not my car - I saw it advertised on Facebook Marketplace and if I wasn't in the middle of several projects would probably at least go to see it to evaluate the condition and see what an in person price might be.
Here is the link for the web page that has the ad: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/420499202766424/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general&referral_story_type=general&tracking=%7B%22qid%22%3A%22-6375013563165492363%22%2C%22mf_story_key%22%3A%22986139163372941235%22%2C%22commerce_rank_obj%22%3A%22%7B%5C%22target_id%5C%22%3A986139163372941235%2C%5C%22target_type%5C%22%3A6%2C%5C%22primary_position%5C%22%3A62%2C%5C%22ranking_signature%5C%22%3A3418226958918483968%2C%5C%22commerce_channel%5C%22%3A501%2C%5C%22value%5C%22%3A3.0188887734719e-5%2C%5C%22upsell_type%5C%22%3A3503%2C%5C%22candidate_retrieval_source_map%5C%22%3A[]%2C%5C%22grouping_info%5C%22%3Anull%7D%22%2C%22lightning_feed_qid%22%3A%22-6375083931945672685%22%2C%22lightning_feed_ranking_signature%22%3A%224728647048868397056%22%2C%22ftmd_400706%22%3A%22111112l%22%7D
Hopefully by clicking the web page address above you will be taken directly to the for sale ad. But, if it doesn't work that way you can copy and paste in search bar to get there.

Hope someone save this car - happy motoring! Jay Self

Where Are You From? Columbia, MO

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