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1932 DeVaux Windshield Molding

I have been searching for rubber molding for my '32 DeVaux swing-out windshield...Not sure if any other of our later Durants use the same molding or not....It is not the same as our '28 or '29s...I have went through approx 312 pages of WEFCO Rubber on-line extrusion catalogue, also Metro Molded Parts are a no go...This molding has a small 3/16"x 7/32" half dovetail to slide into windshield channel with a 5/16" bead directly across and has a curved eyebrow wiper on one side, total width 13/16"...Wondering what others may have found or are using...Any thought on a possiable source? Anything universal that might work?

Thanks much.

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Re: 1932 DeVaux Windshield Molding

Steele Rubber Products Look under Durant. $123.95 a set

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Re: 1932 DeVaux Windshield Molding

Thanks Ross....The Durant molding set that Steele has listed doesn't look to be a match for the DeVaux....Darn!

Where Are You From? Leavenworth, WA / Yuma, AZ

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several

Re: 1932 DeVaux Windshield Molding

Only cars that would have same are 680 De Vaux, 633 Durant and 685 Frontenac which used same Hayes body / windshield etc. 1931 / 32 De Vaux windshields swing out, 1930 - 32 Durant / 31 - 32 Frontenac E's the windshield glass cranks up.

Reo / Franklin have similar body's but windshield is shaped differently. Steve and I have tried to get Haye's body tag numbers to see if they are even in the same number range as our cars. Not been successful but you can see the Reo Flying Cloud is in the 160's. We may never know the missing 680 coupe ones.

1932 680 De Vaux
Standard Coupe
Standard Sedan 166-
Custom Coupe
Custom Sedan 170-
Custom Convertible Coupe 168-

1932 Reo RS coupe 163-


In fact the De Vaux was built in a leased portion of Hayes huge Grand Rapids plant, and the bodies were transported across a second floor bridge that ran over the street that separated the two buildings. De Vaux’s successor, Continental, continued to utilize various leftover Hayes-built bodies.

In the early Depression era, many manufacturers shared bodies to help reduce. The Peerless Custom Eight and Marmon Big Eight shared the same Hayes-built body between 1930 and 1932, and the 1932 Marmon 8-125, 1932-34 Reo Flying Cloud 6S and 1933-34 Franklin Olympic shared a different Hayes design. Automobile customers rarely compared the actual bodies, and addressed their attention to a vehicle’s front end, which could be easily disguised using a different grill or front fenders. General Motors started doing it at the same time, and the practice continues today.

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Re: 1932 DeVaux Windshield Molding

It looks like not many of our cars have this sloped windshield with this particular molding, mine and possiably Bobs '33...Thought for a while that I might have to have Wefco Rubber custom make an extrusion die with my profile...Anyway, Steele does have this molding listed, just wasn't using their nomenclature in my search, it is one of 5 moldings made for swing-out windshields...You can get it from Steele or Amazon at the same price...When I get over the sticker shock I will turn in an order...https://www.amazon.com/Steele-Rubber-Products-17-0032-52-Weatherstrip/dp/B00LKOGC2A

Where Are You From? Leavenworth, WA / Yuma, AZ

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several


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