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Durant L14 Pistons wanted

Hi All,

I am new on this forum. I live in the Netherlands and am the owner of the 1929 Durant D60 Tourer which is already noted in the registry. My granddad bought this wonderfull car in 1972 in Portugal. In the mid seventies this car was restored.

At the moment I am having trouble with a seized non original piston.

In order to get a new set of correct pistons I am looking for a decent genuine continental L14 piston. Just to make sure I can get it right if I let a new pistonset remanufactured bij EGGE/Arias or Rosspistons.

Does anybody have a 1928/1929 Continental L14 piston?
Or all the correct measurements ?
Or even a new/ good piston set?

All help greatly appreciated!!!!!



Where Are You From? The Netherlands

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 D60 Tourer

Re: Durant L14 Pistons wanted


Any cross reference numbers or interchangeable part numbers would also help!

I have come across at Aaca.org a thread referring to Chilton #GL-46 pistons which were used in several Dodge brothers, Peerless, Graham-Paige cars from 1927-1933..

Does anybody has got experience with these type of pistons?



Where Are You From? The Netherlands

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes

Re: Durant L14 Pistons wanted

Not that its going to help any but Partner awhile back carried a page from the Old Partsman giving several parts numbers for a part. Finally the Chilton Interchangeable Parts Handbook repro you can buy on eBay made a bit of sense what the parts numbers are. Chilton used Shurhit parts numbers. Now if we can find a book that converts Shurhit to normal every day parts we might get somewhere.

Yes I see #GL46 has 18 hits (and De Vaux 675 and 680 also use GL46 in the 40A)
Diameter of bore 3 3/8
Ring grooves 3
Ring width 1/8
Length of piston 3 15/16
Distance, pin center to top of piston 2 5/16
Distance between bosses 1 17/32
Set screw hole dimensions None
Diameter of piston pin .859

Now we have wasted all this info you say you have a D60 and per Chilton used two different pistons and GL46 is not one of them
Model 55 and 60 14L engine to 93325 was GL43 and none other used it. (1928-29) 169.3 cu in
60 late,65, 6.60 15L used GL195 1928 - 30 185.0 cu in. Again no other make used that piston. just one ones named and D66 and D63 with 15L.

I don't see your car in the Registry I don't think, to know which 14L you have the smaller cu in or bigger one.
In the event yours is the bigger one the numbers are bore 2 7/8, ring grooves 2, width 3/16, piston length 3 7/16, distance pc to top 2 17/64, distance bosses 1 11/16, set screw hole - none, dia pin .875

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: Durant L14 Pistons wanted

Hi Bert,
When I had my 14L engine rebuilt I ordered my pistons from JP Pistons in Australia.
They all the engine specs on hand. The price was better than I could get locally at EGGE with great quality and the time the quoted price included rings. I'd buy from them again.

JP Pistons
25 Innes Road
Windsor Gardens South Australia 5087
Phone: +61 8 8261 7222


Where Are You From? Fremont, CA

Re: Durant L14 Pistons wanted


Thanks Norm for putting things straight! your information is really a good pointer in the right direction.
My 1929 D60 Touring is visible in the 'photographs section' of this website; and is actually a first series sept 1928 Leaside built D60 Touring.
That means that according to your info the smaller CU/size L14 engine has been used.

The piston dimensions which you have stated are of great help; as the bore diameter is still 2-7/8 ; these piston dimensions should also be suitable for my 'smaller'CU L14 engine...

@ Rick: thanks for sharing your experience with this Australian firm; I'll drop them a line.

Where Are You From? The Netherlands

Do You own a car built by Durant? yes

Re: Durant L14 Pistons wanted

Ah checking Steve's Registry I see T-4067 with 14L 119390 which was Oct 1928 to Dec 31 1928 T-1001 to T-5000. so series 60-1 but vin wise is 1929 model year. So per Chilton yours is the bigger DL195 with the engine after 93324. DL43 Smaller piston is 2 3/4 pin is .734

Nothing simple with Billy's vehicles with things not all happening at same time. Such as the 14L small / big both 60-1 series. See it in Durant aftermarkets, to a certain vin and after on same model. Just adds to the confusion when parts get changed over the years as to what was orig used and why we have problems replacing things.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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