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55 manual for sale

I don't see any 55's posted in photographs but I have an ebay seller with a manual for one for sale. Don't have his real addy but look under 13065049051 and contact him that way. I was hoping the lense might be for the fender light for 30 - 32 Durant or Frontenac. Seems its a bit larger. Told Mike the 55 was a 1828 D six, adding part of Terry's info on the 55.

Mike says

This light was in a box with a Durant Manual Model D "55" Six Cylinder Issue March,1928 but someone penciled 1929 on the front cover. Maybe (light) it's not for a Durant maybe it is I don't know. If you need or know someone that wants the manual I'll sell it cheap for $20.00 and it's only about $3.00 to ship. *Mike*

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Re: 55 manual for sale


Check that number again. I believe you must be missing one digit. Should be 12 numbers.


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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac

Re: 55 manual for sale

Thanks Gord .. yes last 5


Vintage Cowl Light-GM??Mopar=Dodge??Ford??Don't Know What it Fits(Help-identify)
Item Id: 130650490515
End time: 24-Feb-12 21:07:23 EST

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Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan

Re: 55 manual for sale

Hi Norm,
Back at ya from the E-bay inside Door handles!! Thanks for the tip,I got that Cowl light tonight on E-bay.

It's for my 1926 Locomobile Jr-8 Sedan or will also fit my 1928 Loco 8-70. I had a nice one and a poor one now I have a good pair! It also fits a big 1927 GARDNER model 90 (w/big Lycoming 8 cyl) car deal that I am involved in. Thanks.

Lance C.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 and 26 Locomobile JR-8's, 1928 Loco 8-70, 30 Durant 610

Re: 55 manual for sale

Hi Lance ... Ah I noted one bid and deleted it from My Ebay watched list. Glad someone knew what that fit. My only reason for asking the lad about it was the lense. I keep hoping some other make used the Depress Beam 3 x 2 3/4 #1178 lense. I'm 99.99 % sure only our cars used that, and looking for one for Dot. Worse then hens teeth to find.

He didn't seem to know where to look for the info and said he couldn't pull the reflector from the lense to check. I said the info was not there but on the front outside lip you don't see ,when its in the door. Also that the 30 - 32 D and F's fender lights don't have reflectors, not that that mattered. I think the lense in that light must be about 3 1/4 and no way would it fit. All he had to do was measure across the lense and see if it was a shade under 3 inch. sigh.

Well good for you. If I recall correctly he said his father collected Peerless cars.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan


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