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Tillotson Carburetor Needle & Seat Kit

For anyone like me out there still running a Tillotson MV-1A or MV-1B carb, there is a fellow name Gary making a brand new needle and seat kit. To my knowledge, there is nobody else out there making these and I can testify to their working like a charm. Gary is a really easy guy to deal with as well. His contact info is:

Discount Marine Parts
PO Box 98
Bark River, MI 49807

He also sells gasket sets for these and other carbs on eBay.

Where Are You From? Marysville, Kans

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Durant A-22 Touring

Re: Tillotson Carburetor Needle & Seat Kit

I can vouch for this company and individual. He does advertise parts for our carbs on Ebay. I emailed him to see if he had the patterns and could make me up a rebuild kit for my Model 13B carb. A rare carb indeed. He said he had the patterns and sold me the rebuild kit for the same prices as the other kits. Kit was complete with gaskets, rubber "O" rings and small wire mesh screen for it. All the gaskets and parts were included. Everything fit very well.


Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Re: Tillotson Carburetor Needle & Seat Kit

Gentleman Two years ago I took my Tillotson A-1 to Bark River,
left it there for about 6 month's so they could map all the parts
rebuilt it and then when I was back up to Escanaba which is every third
week of June. I picked it up. My Wife Dorothy is from the U.P. of Michigan. They did a fantastic job on the Carb.

Where Are You From? Muskegon, Michigan

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Durant 4 door sedan.

Re: Tillotson Carburetor Needle & Seat Kit

I inquired about the needle and seat kit while looking at the gasket set on ebay for the old Tillotson 2-1/2 weeks ago .Presently they(needle and seat) are not available .

Discount Marine guy replied they are in the works would not be available till spring 2016?

Luck I found a junk carb in the pile with a better needle/seat then what I was using. Mine didn't leak but would stick closed because of a worn wedge in effect.


Where Are You From? Ct

Do You own a car built by Durant? '23 Star Touring


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