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Re: RHD Durant in Kenya

J.P. has sent me this email .. can anyone help him ?

Hi Norm,

I have fitted new Lucas tyres to the car and discovered one of the rims has been badly butchered and is unusable.

Could you supply a rim, 2 wheel nuts and one spacer between wheel nut and the rim, or could you advise who possibly could?



Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: RHD Durant in Kenya

Didn't realize it was that long ago (Dec 3 2010 Rugby 1920 since located in Cyprus in forum) and haven't a pic of front of the car. Engine was Fivet motor reading the string of postings ... Grin Don you said back then ... After poking around the internet for the last couple of days I have come to the conclusion that Fivet Engine Company was completely destroyed in WWI and no indication they ever resumed production afterwards. This info dates the engine to pre 1915 of so.
With this and Norm's findings, I think this is an "assembled car" in the truest sense.

Here's two from Photobucket showing back and steering.

Harris the owner of the vehicle said ... Acetylene lamps made by French Besnard are very ok, bezels are nicely hinged and glass is very clear to see in the photos, originally were fitted with a thick lenses to amplify the light, I have one but I was not able to trace a second to much the original. Tail oil lamp, is English made in 1904.


Yes Don .. like the Bennett Buggy's Canada or Hoover Buggy's USA. ha ha. Neat thing back then is most parts fit other cars. My bro wanted a cart like thing to move bedding plants on behind his tractor at his nursery. I found a 1929 Chevy frame with front axle / wheels in a gravel pit, so brought axle / springs home. Ford A drums / bearings fit exactly on the Chevy spindles. So cart was Chevy axle / springs and Ford A 21 inch wires for wheels, he built the metal deck / frame. Had that for years. The 1916 490 Chevy pre GM and Ford T had clincher non demountable wheels made by same wheel co. Wheels / bearings fit both makes. Now deceased fellow restored a 1916 490 and I found 4 T wheels in a barn he kept as spares.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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