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1926 vs. 1927 Stars

Many years ago I was in fairly close touch with Jeff Gillis, and was not sure what year my Star was. The car had a 1925 title, but It looked like some 1926's I had seen pictures of. Jeff looked at the serial numbers of the car and said he was possitive it was a 1926. I sent him some pictures, and he called me back and said he was positive it was a 26 based on the single belt molding which goes around the entire car. He told me that the 27's had had the extra belt molding which continued down the side of the hood, and the 25's had a boxier body which had a visor which was not integral with the body. All these years I have been under the impression that this was all fact. At the dawn of computers and the abundance of pictures on the club site and elsewhere, I noticed a lot of cars with double belt moldings which are listed as 26's. At first I thought these cars were the occasional no title car which had the year taken off the head, or block, or some other part which had long ago been replaced with an incorrect earlier part and used as the proper year of the car. I now know this cannot be the case because there are to many double belt molding cars listed as 26's. I now assume my car was originally sold in late 1925 and titled as such because this was common practice back then, without any regard for models and years. I assume this was probably the case with double belt molding cars which were sold in late 1926. You would think the same situation would apply to boxier left over 25's which were sold in 1926 and were titled as 26's although I haver seen one of these earlier cars with a 26 title. Anyone have any insight on this.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1926 Star m 4dr sedan

Re: 1926 vs. 1927 Stars

Perhaps Jeff was sure your car was a 1926 as M came out Jan 1 1926. Having no info on your car. vins are model years not production years and in Billy's empire up to 1930, Aug 1 of one year to July 31 of next year was next years model. So in the case of M production was Jan 1 1926 to Dec 31 1927. You can't use engine casting dates as engines were cast months (or years) before being put in a vehicle. The 614 came out Jan 4 1930 and 22A engines were cast Oct 1929 and up. My 32 castings are April and May 1931. Then there was the 40A cast for the 1931 675 De Vaux, that got used in the 32 680 De Vaux with Hall name ground off and used again for the July to Dec 1933 Ace with Hall name ground off. All 40A's are cast in 1931.

1926 M 1/26 E-350000 – E-379999 L-350000 – L-379999 T-350000 – T-379999 C-350000 – C-379999

1927 M 8/26 E-380000 – E-414999 L-380000 – L-414999 T-380000 – T-414999 C-380000 – C-414999

1928 M 8/27 E-415000 -E-425000 L-415000 – L-425000 T-415000 – T-425000 C-415000 – C-425000

Yes the Model F that went to Dec 31 1925 is different to M with visor, body, splash aprons etc. And yes cars registered after the year are sometimes out a year. That was the case with the late members early 1930 614 that sat in the back of the dealer for months before being sold 1931. He fought with Nova Scotia DOT over that and gave up. So had a plate made to hang on the front of the car saying 1930 Durant made in Leaside Ontario.

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