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Glolite Reflectors

Hello Durantonions

I am in the process of machining some Glolite reflectors as you can see by the photo. They are not complete and will take some time yet to finish several sets. After the machining is complete, they will be gold plated like the original reflectors to give the light beam an amber hue. These reflectors are as hard to find as hens teeth and if you do, they will be out of reach. My question is, who would be interested in buying a set for the large diameter Glolite headlights? I don't have a real number on the cost yet but would still like to take a survey on the interest.glolite-reflector4

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Re: Glolite Reflectors

I want to give more insight on the Glolite headlights that use these reflectors. These headlights are the largest diameter (10.125") ones that Durant installed on their cars. The D75 and D65 models used these Auxiliary reflectors (Part # 24972) in 1928 according to the Durant "Repair Parts List" booklet. The Model 75 "Instruction Manual" refers to them as supplementary reflectors. Other years and models may have used them as well. To be certain if your car came with these reflectors, remove the lenses and look for the 3 slits, one near the top and two near the bottom.

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Re: Glolite Reflectors

I would be interested in a set. They were also used on the Model 66 and Model 70.

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