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Re: The saga of my 1928 Durant Model 65

You are lucky to have a place to work on it. We aren't allowed to build a garage in backyard or carport, can't park in front of your house so can't widen laneway. Built the shed in the 70's to hold a brass T I was building from parts all over the country side. Assessment came round all our homes back then to increase taxes if you modified your home by adding a toilet in the basement, or altered the basement into living space and so on. He asked Di what the shed was for and if a car in it. Di just said its a wood shed. Could he see inside. She said no my husband as the key at work. He said your sure its a wood shed. Again she said yes. So he left it at that and my taxes didn't go up. As she told me she didn't lie sort of. The T was in there and "Wood"n't go. ha ha. You should have seen us squeezing the 32 in there when we brought it home.



Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: The saga of my 1928 Durant Model 65

Earlier I spoke about the re-construction of the top area. Previous owner had repaired the rotted top section with Cedar wood and plywood. I had redone the side pieces of the top, but now the top is back to the correct strips awaiting the chicken wire, batten and leatherette down the road.



Do You own a car built by Durant? YES, 1928 Durant Model 65 four door sedan

Re: The saga of my 1928 Durant Model 65

A couple of years ago I sent the generator/distributor off to Michigan to have it rebuilt and restored to factory specs. Took the shop over a year to get it back to me, but the results were stunning. The picture doesn't do it justice! It looks like it just came out of the box. During the process the distributor mounting was badly cracked as we all know the problem with the pot metal used back in the 20's. Thanks to Phil Peters and his 3D printing project of years ago, I purchased one of the first ones made by this process from him and it came out great. Phil still sells these.





Do You own a car built by Durant? YES, 1928 Durant Model 65 four door sedan


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