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Rearend ratio

I found out that my Durant has a rearend ratio of 4.44. I am planning to build and speedster because I have only the mechanical parts. Then, I am studing the posibility of changing the ring gear and pinion, from a local manufacturer, to have something closer to 3.5, which is a high ratio used in the Ford model A. My car will be lighter and I have a 15L engine, then I think I will have enough power at high speeds. Any experience and comments will help.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? D-65

Rear End Ratio

Hi Rogelio-Durant did offer a "speed set" of gears with a ration of 3:90 as an option in 1929 for cars running on flat surfaces like the central part of the US. I have a set which I built up in a complete rear end but then had second thoughts. One-if you go faster, then the mechanical brakes/narrow tires become more critical for stopping. Two-any increase in speed must be associated with a corresponding increase in horsepower. In the end, I decided 35-40 MPH will work just fine. For what it's worth. Phil

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1929 Model 60

Re: Rear End Ratio

Dear Phil, I am sorry I didn´t see your answer before. It looks like a 3:90 is a good choice in my case. I have a lighter car, speedster, and Iive in flat surface area. However, I have to pay a good price to manufacture the new gears. I will think if it is worthwhile. Thanks!

Where Are You From? Argentina

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