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Re: Preparing new Windshield Glas

Rick-It's been awhile since I've done my 6-14 windshield but don't the side pieces just push onto the glass sandwitching the rubber "U" channel in between? I've done these on my British cars and the rubber channel fits over the glass, then lube it with something like Armourall and supporting the glass straight against maybe a wooden workbench, "pound" down the metal channel using a dead blow hammer. It took me 3 tries to get the windshield in without cracking it, but for other reasons(stupid). I replaced all the glass in my car with safety glass, but you should at least do the windshield, and it's so clear and scratch free! Check that the glass is the same thickness? Ross Co.

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Re: Preparing new Windshield Glas

Maybe I'm missing a part, just not sure.

The metal channels are extremely tight so I was wondering if I should expand them so the rubber slides easily or maybe I'm missing a part to control the windshield to stay in place once cranked up. I didn't have a headboard when I purchased the car.


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Re: Preparing new Windshield Glas

Rick- I had to go and look at my car to see how these go together, Use glass setting tape to attach the side channels to the side of the windshield glass. The rubber seals that go along the side are there to prevent water and air past the sides of the glass and are what hold the glass into the side of the cowl and prevent it from rattling.I assume you got your three piece windshield set from Lynn Steele rubber products (approx $130.00) The side "U" channels fit with the small pointed edge to the front. You may have the top channel for the windshield on backwards, just flip the glass over? The side of the two slots with the longer edge fits towards the rear of the car. The pegs that are on the two gears have a rubber washer(would just be like a flat washer made of rubber) on their ends as they slot into the above mentioned top metal channel (assume to stop potential rattling). hope your gears were in good shape as they are just pot metal and break easily ( the late Harvey Frid reproduced these, along with many other parts, guess the Butters manufacturers have the moulds?). The small slot on the back(front) of the dashboard holds a small "T" rubber bumper that rests against the glass to stop rattles there. Glue this homemade(your home) piece into the dash as you can pull it out too easily raising and lowering the glass. That enough info? Ross

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