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Re: How to ID the year and Model of a Star Chassis

Don't go by that Registry in DMAC as its full of errors as we discovered. Two of us up in Ont work on his Registry of vehicles world wide adding as we find more to Steve's own Registry.
Not to get off track but do you see Star X in the durantcars Nope now that's odd as X came out same time as L. X was 4 cyl and L was 6 cyl.
Now check under Frontenac registry and you see vins with T as Leaside and G as Grand Rapids. Totally incorrect, Terry did not believe we used Alpha 1931 and later so put T. Only the Rugby truck continued the T. Frontenac is Canadian only, 1931 E 618 used E and 1932 E-670 used G. There was no Grand Rapids for Fronty. My 32 614 is J alpha. Goodness knows what Dominion Motors would have used if it continued to exist and ran out of the alphabet on models and years. They did get up to P for the 1933 C600 Frontenac. No point in showing more errors in durantcars.

Try this also in DMAC in tech area under Star vins. As you can see 302321 fits 1926 model year ... Note it shows Aug 1 1925.

1926 F 8/25 E-289987 - E-325000 L-298295 - L-325000 T-277534 - T-325000 C-280632 - C-325000

Remember what I said model years are Aug 1 of one year to July 31 of next year. Don't get confused production year versus model year plus vins are model year. That's Billy's thing up to Dec 31 1929 when they stopped that and model year would only be when a model is upgraded. So 1930 614 as example is Jan 4 to Dec 31 1930, 1931 is Jan 1 1931 to Jan 31 1932, 1932 is Feb 1 1932 to end of 614 in 1932.

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Re: How to ID the year and Model of a Star Chassis

It is an F frame, (flat top side rails and arch crossmember over rear axle). The transmission is bolted to crossmamber and rear of trans is suspended on the brake cross rods. (Same as C model)

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