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Re: Coupe Identification help

With so much a guessing game in Billy's empire I'd hazard a guess as Star R 1928 model year .. Aug 1 1927 to Dec 31 1927 perhaps Nov or Dec with 14L 75630

As we know D55 came out Jan 1 1928 with same 14L and in the Registry we have
1928 55 Coupe E-1499 14L-76755

Under Star R
1927 R Cabriolet L-36993 14L 73712

The vin range for the 1928 model R is 33000 to 40000 Aug 1 1927 to Dec 31 1927, so L-36993 fits that range.

Vehicles often have wrong year as Registration. Might have been sold in 1928 and that year used on ownership instead of 1927. Often use my late friend Gord, in Nova Scotia, who owned an early 1930 614 sedan but it was sold in 1931, so that became its year on NS records. He fought with them to correct it to 1930 but they refused. So he put same size as licence plate with 1930 Durant made in Leaside Ont on the front of it near the license plate. :smile:

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: Coupe Identification help

Thank you Norm for the detective work. That certainly seems to be a reasonable interpretation. I have the names of a at least two of the recent owners so I’m going to see if I can track them down in hopes of finding a body number. I have one of the old titles from the state of Missouri but they used the engine number to register the car. I don’t suppose there would be any other places on the car where the number would be stamped? It’s such a shame that the data plate is the one thing that’s missing from an otherwise complete car. I cringe to think it was plucked off and sold on eBay for $50 bucks.

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Re: Coupe Identification help

Unfortunately not. VIN plate with model, vin, plant name. Some states use vin, some the engine number, and other their own number not even connected to either.

I recall in the early 60s some club members just used a part number off the water pump or elsewhere if ownership / info lost. MOT / DOT weren't as fussy back then. You'd tell them it was lost but here's a number they believed you and didn't check.

When I bought my 1930 614 Durant sedan June 6 1962 the ownership papers were lost. The seller gave me two bills, one saying 1929 Durant and the other 1930 Durant, as he didn't know, and neither did I it was just an old car. License bureau asked me what year I wanted to use and I said 1930, having learned there is a big difference 1929 to a 1930. Just got better as the seller made a mistake saying I had deposited $10 more than I had on the $75 cost. I mentioned that to also to the bureau so they charged me $1.95 sales tax on $65 instead. I still have all the paper work inc the two bills. Can't recall what year I sold the car 1969 / 70 ?


Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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