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Lining up engine with gearbox

I've just mounted my newly reconditioned engine on the chassis and an wondering what sort of adjustments I can make to ensure it lines up (side view) with the gearbox. Things that come to mind include:
1) Front engine mounting brackets that fit inside rubber mounts: up or down (so to speak) to raise/lower front of engine
2) Add/remove washers under block where back of motor sits on cross frame to raise or lower back of engine
3) Add/remove washers in front or back of gear box to raise/lower front and back of this.

All to allow adjustment so that engine lines up with gearbox thereby ensuring universal ("U") joint with rubber balls does not wear out prematurely.

Any comments would be much appreciated.


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Trans/U-joint alignment

Hi Duncan-refer to Tech Page-Manuals-40 Repair-Fig. 44 on page 57 and it describes the adjustments for aligning the trans with the engine. The transmission also has 3 bolts (2 front and 1 rear) that shims can be placed under to help with the alignment. I use a !" ID plastic sleeve to slide between the two shafts to check for proper alignment. Hope that helps. Phil

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Re: Trans/U-joint alignment

Thanks Phil. Its amazing how you don't see stuff that's right in front of you. I have that manual, printed out and sitting on my desk!! It's actually really good, for something that was written so long ago.

Useful tip about the plastic sleeve.


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