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Re: Old Continental engine

30's to 60's industrial tractors / backhoe engine Doubt anything fits the 22A



Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors

Re: Old Continental engine

Stephan-I watched Norm's video of the couple restoring the F22 engine block. I would say that it would be a good way to learn about these engines. From what I could see a lot looked similar. It looks like you could bolt up that cylinder head to a 22A! Small differences in the appearance outwardly (but of course every dimension would need to be checked out). I think the big problem with the 22A is the poured babbit bearings vs the more modern insert bearings. It is getting hard to find a machine shop that can still do this work especially out of the main metropolitan centers. Where you can probably order inserts from Amazon? and have them in a couple days!

Where Are You From? OR

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 6-14

Re: Old Continental engine

As always...Thanks for your feedback,

Won't feel so bad "breaking" this thing...(it's giving it's body to science)

Norm as usual is a veritable encyclopedia...

Will be gutting it shortly!


Where Are You From? Ontario

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1931 Durant 614

Re: Old Continental engine

Hi Stephan .. back in 1962 I bought my first 1930 614 sedan and I think 1963 or 64 I bought a 1929 Durant 40 sedan in Vanier because the tires / tubes were brand new. The gas station owner sold the car to some rodder's but didn't pay for it. So I tracked the car down and by then they have made a mess of the body still on the frame. Before they did any damage to the tires I removed the tires and rims and made arrangements with a tow service to bring it to my home. The rodders filled the body with 50's sheet metal unknown to me until it arrived. This bright bulb tow service didn't put the rear wheels on dolly wheels and dragged the car to my place. You could follow the rear rim ruts in the various roads asphalt all the way back to where he picked it up. Wheels useless after that. I got rid of the scrap and Durant body / fenders and took the chassis to Ridgemont High School where a lot of it was going to be used as a learning tool how an engine worked in the Auto shop, I think the tranny was taken apart to be used in the Drafting shop how to draft those parts. So somewhat like your engine is a learning tool, a good portion of the 40 was also.
I think when Claude Lavoie bought my old 30 from Scott Macdonald those tires / tubes were still on it.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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