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A22 Muffler

I wondered how many of the A22 Frame built A22 mufflers are still in use. Our 1922 Durant still has a good tubular backbone outer frame pipe, but we had to replace the inner pipe. We do not know if the inner pipe was an original, or was from a Star, or was hand produced. We drilled our replacement to be similar to the one we took out. I feel that the holes are pretty small and that is why our system runs so hot!! Those of you who are running modern exhaust systems with modern mufflers, are your systems really hot? If you still have the original frame system, have you replaced the inner pipe, and if so what size holes did you drill in the inner pipe? We drilled using a 3/16 drill and what we thought were a few more holes.
I would be interested in knowing what each of the A22 owners have done. Please let me know.

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Re: A22 Muffler

Hi Gord,

My memory is getting pretty bad lately and its been some time since dealing with my original type muffler...I do recall replacing the inner pipe and remember drilling a lot of holes that were larger then original, I can't recall capping off that inner pipe or if it is even suppost to be capped off, I wanted as little back pressure as possiable....One other thing I did was to open up that exhaust exit slot in the bottom back of the backbone tube/muffler housing, to me It seamed that that was a sizable restriction.
My A-22 has always ran or sound like it has an exhaust restriction or ign timing that you can't quite get dialed in just right....However for some reason on a cool damp morning that all goes away and she runs pretty strong?

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