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Uploading pictures to the Forum

Hi Norm.

Thanks for the advice on how to upload pictures to the Forum. Using the link "How to Add Pictures" at the top of the Forum page was surprisingly easy, even for a first-timer like me.

Where Are You From? WA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes, several

Re: Uploading pictures to the Forum

Keep forgetting, Bob, Forum does not like Edge and have to use IE to reply or add an item. If you force Edge which replaced IE you don't have the filled in Name, email etc above the posting so have to repopulate all that, each time. Once you post you don't have edit or delete function once posted so can't correct or delete your posting. Edge keeps warning me DMAC is not a secure site as well, which we know.

Yes the site mentioned to post pictures is a lot better than Photobucket we used to have and fight that site to do so. Then Photobucket wanted 30 pieces of silver to use their site. Then they changed their mind again .. but too late, so sad, we now have IMGBB without the fuss with no loss Photobucket.

Now don't you going posting selfies on Forum and scaring folks. :flag-ca:

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 614 sedan made by Dominion Motors


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