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Kingston vacuum tank fuel feed

The Kingston vacuum tank is a different animal than the Stewart unit. The Kingston is simpler with a lot less moving parts. I'm curious to learn how the Kingston unit knows it's full? There is a brass fitting (vacuum) at the top of the unit.
1) There is an opening for incoming vacuum from the motor.
2) An opening to allow vacuum to operate wipers
3) A very small opening to the environment (vent?)
4) The bottom of the fitting has a opening (small opening) that lets vacuum into the unit..to eventually draw gasoline from the tank.

I was having trouble getting gas to the tank, this is a new car to me, after checking for blocked in line filter (none), gas in tank (plenty). I took the unit apart, I was surprised to learn there is almost nothing to it.

My question is about the small vent.. I blocked the opening with a small tooth pick. Car draws gas fine, now. My apprehension is, the Kingston is not a sealed unit. With this vent sealed will it just draw and draw until it overflows and the gas spills on the ground?

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