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Need information on my 1923 touring Star car

Greetings: I don't want to be a bother, I'm a Iraq veteran diagnosed with PTSD I bought a 1923 touring Star car.The bottom of serial numbers chart on the technical section of the DMAC I saw the following.
(*) 1923 Star date (L-September 1st 1922. The ID plate on my car has the following...MODEL C, CAR NO. L-9026 my question, is my car a 1922 or 1923? I have trouble making out some things due to my PTSD. Thank you

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Re: Need information on my 1923 touring Star car

Billy Durant's empire the vins are model year up to Dec 31 1929. Model year is Aug 1 to July 31 of next year. They stopped that effective with 1930 and later and model year would only be when model was upgraded. So the 1930's Jan 4 to Dec 31 1930. 1931 was Jan 1 1931 to Jan 31 1932. 1932 was Feb 1 1932 to end of Durant's in 1932. People are often confused with production year versus model year.
We can't say when your car was produced late 1922 or early 1923. A clue might be the casting date of head if its the orig W4A engine and casting is 1923 then it was made 1923. Can't always go by casting dates as blocks / heads cast weeks / months before being assembled, then shipped to plants.
I don't have your cars info in the Registry but I do see car C-9275 with head of 2-24-23 which is also 1923 Model year like yours, so this was produced 1923.

Having said that. Lansing plant C's
Model year 1923 is L-1 to L-44255 Sept 1 1922 to July 23 1923.
Model year 1924 is L-44255 to L-55000 Aug 1 1923 to Nov 1923

First Star by
New York plant March 1922 N-1 to N-7 as show cars, actual production N-8 Sept 23 1922
Lansing plant Sept 1 1922 L-1
Oakland plant Oct 10 1922 C-1
Leaside plant Oct 11 1922 T-1
Elizabeth plant Nov 23 1922 E-1

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