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Help! Rear cam plug/seal 1930 22A engine

My 614 has a severe oil leak on the rear of the engine. I thought it was the rear main seal, which I replaced, but the real problem is that the plug at the rear of the cam has disappeared (fell out of the block I guess). I think the way to fix it is to put in a new welsh plug, but I need a little more info from someone more experienced before I just put in a new plug.

Anyone have experience/knowledge about this plug who could help with the following questions?
1. is the plug a welsh (flat) plug or a recessed plug like in a water jacket?
2. is the rear cam bearing long and supposed to extend back of the cam so that about 1/2 inch of bearing is visible from the flywheel side of the engine?
2. is the hole in the rear cam bearing supposed to be on the bottom? (the hole in mine is visible on the bottom and can drain oil into the pan)

These may seem like strange questions, but the guys who worked on this engine before I got this car did some really strange things, so I am skeptical and question anything that I have to work on. I can email a picture of the back of the engine around the cam end opening if it will help.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Help! Rear cam plug/seal 1930 22A engine

Bob- I happen to have my transmission and clutch/flywheel assembly out right now and have a view of the rear of the motor.I'm replacing the ring gear on the flywheel(done) and "freshening" up the clutch components. The Welch plug on the back of the block looks to be about 2-3 inches in diameter, and is the convex "Welch" plug type, just like the plugs on the side of the block(like by the water pump). I don't think they used the core type cup shaped plugs in 1930. You measure the width of the hole and find a plug that will just fit, apply a little sealer and tap them in right in the center with a tool that will deform the plug enough to cinch it in tight.There is a hole in the bell housing where you can see all this and with the trans out you'll have access to tap the plug in(but it doesn't look like fun).Sorry if you know all this already. Not sure of the cam bearing fit, but the hole must face downward to allow drainage. I took a picture inside my bell housing of this plug, but I can't figure out how to post.(doesn't really show much)Ross

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Re: Help! Rear cam plug/seal 1930 22A engine

Thanks Ross.
With the flywheel off, I had access to the plug, or where the plug should have been. I also went to my spare 407 engine, removed the flywheel and looked at the cam plug there. Looked like the same set up.
I bought a new 2 inch convex expansion plug for 75 cents and installed it with the right amount of Permatex #2 (we all know how much that is!). I think it will work OK. I will put the flywheel, clutch, trans, etc back in tomorrow and give it a road test.

Where Are You From? Ellensburg, WA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes, several


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