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Brassworks Radiators

Anyone used Brassworks Radiators in Paso Robles, Calif for any work? Looks like they can do it all.Ross

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 6-14

Re: Brassworks Radiators

HI ROSS I had my rad rebuilt by them they do great work , but there business practice is poor they gave me a price after receiving my rad we agreed to the price when it was done the owner add over a 1000 dollars to price if you do a search he has done it to others , I would look else where unless you want to take a chance and have your radiator held hostage good luck jeff

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Do You own a car built by Durant? yes

Re: Brassworks Radiators

Hey Ross
I too had the Brassworks restore my radiator and I'm 100% satisfied with their work. Mine too came in a bit higher but I was alright with that. It really depends if your going for 100% authenticity which I wanted and demanded. Your choice is limited if you want the period correct radiator. Some are choosing to go the cheaper method and put a modern core with the old core on the outside and there are shops that do that. When I conducted my research a couple of years ago, I contacted all the companies I could find on the Internet who advertised they did honeycomb style (I was informed that technically our style is called the "Auburn Style") In the U.S. I found "The Brass Works and Maine Radiator in Main. I choose the Brassworks because they have worked on several of our members radiators. I even contacted a company in New Zealand but I found out that all the core material for all of them is made in the United Kingdom by one manufacturer. It seems he is the only one making them anymore. Both the Brass Works and I assume Main Radiator get their cores from this guy in the U.K. including the one in New Zealand. There might be others out there that repair the old radiators but I was unable to find them. Radiator shops are disappearing rapidly like so many other old car specialty shops.
It is pricey as I paid over $2,000 dollars for my restoration but when I got it back it looks like it just came off the shelf at the Elizabeth factory many years ago right out of the box from Feddders.
It depends on what you want, 100% authentic which I demand as I intend to show my car with the AACA or the modern core version. For me as I'm a purist and feel the cars should be restored as they left the factory, with correct radiator, correct wiring, six volt etc. I choose the original method. I would rather save up and get the part done right then take shortcuts.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65 4 door sedan

Re: Brassworks Radiators

I've gotten two Model T radiators from them and they have been excellent. The West Coast Chapter also took a tour of his facility. very impressive. Everything is done by hand. I think they may actually make the honeycomb stuff there as well.

I didn't know about Brassworks when I replaced my Star radiator. Had to ship it to England and back which greatly increased the price.

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