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Rugby and Durant Vehicles for sale in S. America

In my browsing for US built cars (mainly pre-war Packards) for sale in South America, I came across the following listings for Rugby and Durant cars. Most look like projects (some serious projects) and there is the issue of getting the vehicle from South America to the USA. Some years ago, I read that a Packard was delayed repatriation due to difficulty getting an export license from Argentina.

1924 Rugby Star F Touring (project; video with motor running) US$3,000
1927 Rugby pickup (serious project; maybe homemade from a sedan) US$3,200
1927 Rugby Touring? (looks in poor condition) US$6,200
1929 Rugby pickup (serious project; from a sedan) US$3,200
1929 Durant Touring (looks in fair condition) US$10,000
1929 Rugby may be a touring or a convertible victoria or a roadster with wood spoke wheels (looks in
poor condition) US$9,000
1929 Rugby Touring (looks in good condition but has towing chain attached) US$15,000

19?? Rugby truck (looks in poor condition, incomplete, maybe homemade, listed as 1941 but isn't)

All of these ads are at mercadolibre.com and are in Spanish.
Click on the country
Drop-down menu for categorias - select Vehiculos
Navigate to Autos de colleccion and then to Otras Marcas
Then, I suggest selecting "Ver Todos" under Ano and right clicking on the various years.

Argentina and Uruguay were both RHD before about mid 1945, so some of these cars may be RHD. And, may have metric speedos.

All the information I can give you is in the ads. Now, back to the 1942 Packard Clipper 6 touring sedan in Uruguay - RHD and metric.

Happy motoring,

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Re: Rugby and Durant Vehicles for sale in S. America

How much does an export license cost? All things considered and the costs involved, they'll probably stay in Argentina for the time being!

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