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1931 (wood wheel) DeVaux.!!

Hi All:

OH, if I were younger...but I am not. There are only 2 DeVaux,s (that I know of) that have the wood wheels. One coupe in California and the black sedan in Canada.

I have been contacted by the owner and he wants to sell. This is our chance to get that car in the club. Gord, I think you remember the sale some years back.

I think this man might be only the second owner. If you Google 1931 DeVaux you can see a lot of cars. I know where most of them are. It is a black one out in a open area. (the other black one is from a museum in NY.)

The car is about 70 miles from Toronto. It would be great if this car can get to a club member.

In years past I have shipped a car out of that area.

Anyone interested....Email me. (garyyelle@msn.com)

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Re: 1931 (wood wheel) DeVaux.!!

Gary- Rarest of the rare! I think most cars of the time had wood wheels as standard, and wire or steel as options? Wood wheels lasted until probably 1936, as loads and torque went up and roads were better. Wood wheels flexed better on the roads of the day. Today's spokes are made of hickory(as they were back in the day) and ideally dried to 6% moisture. They should last many years if made properly. Calimer's wheel shop in PA makes wood spokes these days for about $300.00 per wheel. I like the look of my 6-14 with the wood wheels which were done many years ago by a local craftsman (Jim Kanne). Ross

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Re: 1931 (wood wheel) DeVaux.!!

Hi Ross:
You know I had to get back to your entry. I don't think I said "rarest of the rare" but in a way it is....to me. (ha). Ever since I got a copy of the DeVaux Registry from Mike Larsen (33 years ago and got hooked on the DeVaux, I have only seen two with the notation "Wood wheels". When a new owner bought his car a upgrade to wire wheels was only $2.50. (Got this from Howard Reinke.)
This car in Canada seems to a "plain Jane" right off the floor.
I would just like it to be in the Club. I do have a club member interested in it. I just contacted the shipper in Toronto, and they do all the paperwork to bring it down. It was easy when I brought the 33.
I do need someone to go look at it. I am not sure he has pictures of what condition it is now. I could hire someone....we will see.


Where Are You From? Washington State

Do You own a car built by Durant? Only good memories

Re: 1931 (wood wheel) DeVaux.!!

Hi Gary:
That wood Wheel Devaux that you are referring to was owned by Willis (Porky_) Schneider of Kitchener. He was the second owner of that vehicle and he knew it for a long time before he purchased it in the late 40's .
He brought it to our Durant meet when we had it in Fremont, Nebraska. That year we had 7 DeVaux's on tour. He trailered it to Nebraska, and I drove my Frontenac. That was a great meet.
That DeVaux has never been restored, just kept up over the years. The last few years, Porky drove it on 5 cylenders and it seemed to run OK. I don't believe that the chap who bought it at Porky's sale has ever driven it. I tried to get him to come out to some of our Durant meets but he never responded.
I do hope someone in the club purchases the car. Any idea what he is asking for it?


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