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Gas Tank Sending Unit

Is their a suitable 5 hole modern universal replacement sender that would work on our 1932 cars, namely my '32 DeVaux....Reading some old threads is sounds like I would need a 0-90 ohm unit? Am wondering if an "Equus 9982" would work? (I am thinking it could be reversed if needed in how the float rod is set-up) Any thoughts or ideas.

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Re: Gas Tank Sending Unit

Thought you would have that ugly old car on the road by now

I got a 90 ohm adjustable sending unit from Horton Hot Rod Parts http://horton.on.ca
Their part number on the bill is SN38. You won't find it in their catalogue and I did it over the phone with them as to what unit I needed. I believe its GM 1965 and up 90 ohm. I can't recall if its 0 - 90 or 90 - 0 we need. My notes on that are history now.
Top of the sending unit has part number 100436 if that means anything.
Bingo put that part number in search and got this in Oregon.

These people used to restore sending units / gauges

Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company
12 Jacques St.
Worcester, MA 01603
Telephone: +1.508.792.9500

I have this notation about Atwater from Rick ??

Atwater Kent now called LM Lifestyles Mfg is a company that I highly recommend.
They have repaired all of the gauges in my 619 for a reasonable price.
Their turnaround time is around two months, ask for Kevin.

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Re: Gas Tank Sending Unit

Thanks Norm,

Might not be too long before we get this "Diamond in the rough" up and purring like a kitten...I did order a light duty
0-90 sending unit but will order one of the heavy duty ones now that I have the source...My '31 Chrysler has a sending unit that I can get at easily, last year I installed a new sender that I got from Chevy's of the forty's, it must have been the 240-33ohm one, the gas gauge reads full wheather its full or empty, so will try a 0-90 ohm unit in that car....Anyway, I am building the new gas tank myself, so far its looking pretty spiffy...The sending unit sets on top at mid tank, their is a center baffle on one side of of the sender which may create a problem if I needed to reverse the float rod to change ohmage from 0-90 to 90-0 Full/Empty, sooo I think all I will need to do is to double drill the 5 hole pattern on the tank so that the sender could be mounted looking in either direction and keep the float assy. pointing away from baffle....Anyway, we shall see how it goes.

Where Are You From? Leavenworth, WA / Yuma, AZ

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several

Re: Gas Tank Sending Unit

Yes, KM Lifestyle Manufacturing Co. aka Atwater Kent did a nice job of bringing my gauges back to life including restoring the fossil of a sending unit out of my 619.


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Re: Gas Tank Sending Unit

A little more on the sending unit saga....Ok, doing a little testing, I hooked up the modern 5 hole sender that I had previously changed over from 0-90 to 90-0 to the fuel gauge, the gauge read just under 1/4 tank with float down in the empty position and the gauge would read full with float up in full position....I took the old original frozen up sender apart and tested the sender coil with ohm meter, it tested 120-0... I then tested the modern sender with Ohm meter and it actually read 95-0, I was able to bump it up to 100-0 by messing with the float trim tabs and a little tweeking...So In my case I found that by adding an additional 13.5 ohms of resistance (2ea 25 ohm ceramic resistors in parallel) that I ended up with a 113.5-13.5 sending unit...The dash gauge now reads just a touch over empty with float down and just a touch under full with float up (almost within the margin of error)...I'll probably place the resistor(s) at the fuel gauge rather than the sender...It would be nice if they made a 120-0, 5 hole sender but so far I haven't seen one.


Where Are You From? Leavenworth, WA / Yuma, AZ

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several


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