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Beginning to sort the old corporate papers

I’ve been avoiding this for some time as there are so many hurdles to get this project under way but after getting into some of the family boxes I was hooked and couldn’t stop. I began sorting a few papers and placing all the Durant company papers in a separate pile. Some from the Chevrolet factory in California, some Flint Corp, Etc. Going to try and make 2019 the year I gather the boxes from All of family. I imagine a new side of Billy May come to light when personal letters and notes are gathered from my Uncles days with him before the the automobile as close friends and business men. The particular papers I am anxious to relocate were the notes taken during my Uncles writing of The Flint area. In these notes he described personal relations of not just Durant but many other friends and businesses. Uncle and Billy were partners in establishing some early fraternal organizations long before they did General Motors. Much of the notes made up the writings of Billy and his accomplishments, and this being written prior to the automobile explosion. Some as I recall were numerous and some critiquing, almost certainly not ever intended to be published. Here are a few papers, nothing outstanding, some stocks, receipts and ledgers. The Durant plan is an interesting subject alone. This will be a long, fun journey.

Where Are You From? Brighton

Re: Beginning to sort the old corporate papers


Where Are You From? Brighton MI

Re: Beginning to sort the old corporate papers

This could get very interesting!

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