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Re: Brake lining 1930


I ain't no expert but I think you are right about using molded brake lining on our later Durants with self energized brakes...I have a NOS box of
brake lining for "Durant", It is pre drilled. and cut to length hard molded lining, It is 1 3/4" wide and in the original box.... It is listed for "Durant" 1928-29 Model 70 and 1929 model 75 ...(Don't make the mistake of buying molded lining from McMasters, that stuff must be for some type of industrial application and not automotive, it is not rigid like you would expect)....( "Wireback" lining is basicly a molded lining reinforced with a woven wire backing to better hold rivets) Anyway, If my problem comes back I think I will go to Wireback.


Thanks, have taken pics of the machining and installing process of the cast sleeves and will write something up for the Partner.

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Re: Brake lining 1930

I used the McMaster Carr brake linings on my D40. I had to sand them down in order to fit, I also used aluminum pop rivets to hold them on and it worked fairly well. I have not used the car yet so can not tell you how good they are.

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Re: Brake lining 1930

OK...A little update on my above woven brake lining dilema....Searching the internet I found a thread and someone had posted the following sentence ..."(When I worked for a dealer, we used to quiet squeaking brakes by brushing on a coat of "lampblack" mixed with alcohol.)"... I have never heard of using Lampblack on brake lining and thought it would be like so much snake oil, but since I was grabbing for straws anyway and even though my problem was much more severe, I thought I would gave it a shot....Hey, Brakes are working beautiful now...Took the car up over Badger Mountain out of E. Wenatchee with 10 and 11 percent grades up to Waterville and back down...Steep, Steep, Steep...Brakes are working great now....Also, NO brake fading with the cast sleeves that I machined and shrank on over the stamped steel 11" durant Drums that I machined from F-100 Ford front brake drums(NAPA 440-1145) (Another story)(Patten Pending)... So, that was my shakedown run and we should ready for the Spring Fling in Greyeagle in about 2 weeks.





Where Are You From? Leavenworth, WA / Yuma, AZ

Do You own a car built by Durant? 2 Durants / 2 Flints


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