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New source of Durant Era Pictures

I found a great new source of Durant era pictures.
All seem to be factory images from 1923-31.
These are hosted by the Free Library of Philadelphia.



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Re: New source of Durant Era Pictures

Good Pictures Rick...

Question: There are pictures of the "1924 Eagle, a picture of the Dash board and a picture of the front end and radiator....Was the Eagle actually in production or was this a prototype which became the H-40 Flint? Pictures look to be an actual photo rather than an artist concept and doesn't seam to have much similarity to the H-40 and B-40 that I Owne.

In "Durantcars" Tery has wrote...."In 1924, production of the E-55 moved to the Elizabeth factory and to a new factory in Flint, Michigan. As well, production of the smaller H-40 began. This car was originally to be have sold as the Eagle."

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Re: New source of Durant Era Pictures

Hi Bill,
I'm sure the Eagle was a prototype, You'll also notice a 1932 Durant model 622 artist conception.


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Do You own a car built by Durant? Two of them

Re: New source of Durant Era Pictures

Here we go again .. Encyclopedia of all cars to 1968 has the 1923 - 24 Eagle mentioned. This Eagle was a 6 cylinder car produced by Billy for a short time, ostensibly to fill a gap between Star and Durant 4 cyl in the Durant line. A Conny engine was used and Eagle priced at $820. Few were marketed and touring only model.

This says about the same thing but has 4 and 6 cyl. Has a brochure front as well saying Eagle 4 or Eagle 6.

Again the Encyclopedia has the Princeton 1923 - 24 using the Ansted 6 cyl for between Flint and Loco, with few built.
Same American auto site only has this about Princeton Princeton - Durant Motors Inc. Muncie, IN 1923-1924.

Don't know how accurate this museums info is or where they got their info but we have seen the same artist rendition of this supposed 622 in the four pictures at a Calif meet, Sept 2013 with the doors in hoods but not what models they might have been. Owner of renditions was to get back to club members on more info, books, brochures he has from some rellie who worked at Durant Motors. Never heard more on the subject. This one has the 3 chromed strips on the rear fender identical as one of the four renditions. The 4 could be updates of the 619, a 620, 621 or 622. You can see the Munroe dble action shocks in one rendition close up. Hoods have 5 or 6 doors in hoods. Bumpers are single bar with same bumper medallion as the 619. Unlike the 621 / 622 is not in any US aftermarkets, the unknown 633 is in Can aftermarkets with two surviving cars.

Actually the E 55 was at three factories. 1923 NY Jan 1923 to July 31 1923. 1924 model year Aug 1 1923 to July 31 1924 NY, Eliz and Flint. I had sent both Rick and Mike the Flint vin's / times / plants some time back to fix the vins shown on our cars in DMAC, Durant / Star car / Star truck / Frontenac / Flint / Continental. Hadn't done Loco yet and Rugby is a tough nut to crack after 1929 with so little known on the line and when.

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Re: New source of Durant Era Pictures

Wow wow wow what a find. These are fantastic. Loves all of them.
Maybe enter this site in our tool bar for reference pictures.
Good going Rick, your tops.

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