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Clutch will not fully disengage?

I have a problem where the clutch appears not to fully disengage. This car has the separate gearbox and rubber ball universal coupling. The travel is correctly adjusted and any areas where there was minor wear repaired.

There is a new clutch bush with around 1.5 thou clearance fitted. To try and resolve the problem the universal coupling was removed. With clutch pedal depressed there is about 1/8" in and out play of the clutch plate shaft. If the clutch plate bearing is lightly lubricated the clutch plate will spin by hand but not freely. If I remove the oil from the bush the clutch spins freely and rotates about a turn or so when spun.

I assembled it with no oil and it went into gear without a crunch. After a few miles of driving it again crunches, from a stop when pulled into gear. It appears that the clutch plate is either sticking slightly onto either the flywheel of pressure plate.

Anybody with any ideas

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Re: Clutch will not fully disengage?

I had a similar problem and tried everything. Then I noticed that the transverse tube connecting the clutch pedal to the clutch yoke was split. When I pressed the pedal it just opened the split up and barely moved the clutch. I had it welded and its shifting without a crunch.

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