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Fuel pump / carburator issues

Hello my Durant friends,

I have not been able to bring my beast to life this year and am looking for some advice.

To start with:

- I have changed spark plugs and put new fuel in the tank
- I have checked and do have spark at the plugs
- When I inject gas into the carb with a spray bottle I can get the engine to sputter

So I'm pretty sure I have flame...

Now fuel:

- Siphoned the line from the tank and I know its clear.
- I had put a new diaphragm in the fuel pump (614 fuel pump is almost identical to old Chevys) but did not get to test it...

So I am think my problem is either at the pump or the carb...

Question for you: If I disconnect the line between the fuel pump and the carb, put a small container under it and crank the engine a few times, should I see a noticeable amount of fuel come out? (did not see any last time)

If not fuel pump, any advice on cleaning the carb (older Zenith from the 60's)



Where Are You From? Ottawa, Ontario

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1931 Durant 614

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

You've already diagnosed your problem when you stated there was no gas coming out of the pump after cranking the engine.
1- fuel pick up in tank not damaged, rotted, broken, etc
2- adequate fuel in tank
3- fuel line from tank clean and secure fittings
4- fuel pump operational
5- crank engine,,,,,, fuel comes out

If not, go back to tank and start with the internal fuel pickup. It not uncommon for this part to be damaged where fuel will not leave tank.

Where Are You From? Texarkana, TX

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

Yes you should have fuel coming out from the line from fuel pump to carb. Is the glass sediment bowl filling up with Fuel? If not then you are not pulling from tank. If no fuel coming from the fuel pump to carb line then the problem is on that side of the fuel pump.You say you replaced the diaphragm but maybe re-check. The rubber on these is several layers thick and they can become internally separated.With the pump on the bench you should be able to move the arm and hear(and feel) pressure escaping. Make sure the rocker arm looks okay. It has 2 cup and springs that can be inspected. These pumps work at so low a pressure( maybe a couple pounds), but you should be able to feel it. Let us know. Ross

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 6-14

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

Is it possible that ethanol in your fuel has destroyed some rubber parts? It destroys fuel lines and pump diaphrams.

Frank ---

Where Are You From? Hookstown Pennsylvania

Do You own a car built by Durant? many

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

Sure sounds like diaphragm problems.

I recall the old girl would quit for no seemly reason on the road. We waited few min and she would fire up and run fine rest of the day. We figured vapour lock in gas line from hot day, but not the case this year with constant rain and few warm days.

The 32 spluttered doing similar thing but using WD40 which is highly flammable, into the carb mouth, when we first tried to start it, until discovering that two pin hole air holes in the carb neck were blocked. Mine has the orig J4A on it for 32. Once we opened those she roared to life after 40 + years.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ontario

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 sedan

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

Had a similar problem on my Model A. replace or temporarily remove the fuel filter if you have one. you can't see the sediment in them.

Where Are You From? ithaca ny

Do You own a car built by Durant? 614 1931

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

Thanks for the help all,

So got it to start today! problem was at the fuel pump as suspected. The problem was actually twofold...First there was a small obstruction in the line between the pump and the carb. Gave a bit of a suck and all of a sudden I could hear some air movement but not much. I then realized that the cork gasket to the site bowl had dried out so I could hear air loss from there, Changed that and boom she starts.

NOW FOR THE NEXT ISSUE! running cold all was perfect had it running in the driveway 5-10 mins purring like a kitten. Took it out to put air in the tires and by the time I got there (2 blocks) the carb was leaking alot of gas. My carb is an older Zenith that seems to have only one adjustment screw....

Can I pick your brains again? Carb floats? adjustments?

Any Ideas?



Do You own a car built by Durant? 1931 Durant 614

Re: Fuel pump / carburator issues

That's an east one! Just a bit of trash under the needle valve. Clean it and the line from the filter and you'r ready to go!

Where Are You From? Texarkana, TX

Do You own a car built by Durant? Several


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