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Dort help needed. Any suggestions?

I received the following message from Paul, who's working on the restoration of a Dort engine. Let's see if we can lend a hand to get this one on the road again.

I found you through the Durant website.
We are currently rebuilding the Lycoming DU engine out of this Dort car. I have managed to find enough "will fits" and "it can be modified" to get it back on the road, such as flathead Dodge pistons and Detroit Diesel valves, but the distributor is proving to be a stumbling block.
Do you know of anyone that may be able to help with parts, or a rebuilding service, for a Connecticut Telephone and Electric type S-46-R distributor?

Thanks in advance.

Yours truly,
Paul A Hirschler
Vilas Motor Works
Bryan, Texas

979-775-one six three three



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Re: Dort help needed. Any suggestions?

As I have mentioned before .. Stan Uher is the world expert on Gray Dort / Dort. Just put his name in Google search and get lots of hits for him.

Stan Uher
Blenheim, ON, N0P 1A0


Classic Coachworks (owner Stan Uher)
160 Marlborough North
Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0, Canada
Phone: (519) 676-2432

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Re: Dort help needed. Any suggestions?

As a possiability you might try Ben McAdam 304-242-3388....He has a heap of old ign stuff including Conneticut.

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Re: Dort help needed. Any suggestions?

Norm: I know you have given us a lot of information on Gray-Dort but what about Gray only? There is a 22 Gray for sale on Prewarcar.com. In Australia. Good pictures. Was Gray made in Canada? It is tempting with the exchange rate.

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Re: Dort help needed. Any suggestions?


$12,950 Australian = $10074.00 USD or $12609.89 Canadian
Selling Co is basically saying the same info as the Encyclopedia

Wiki also has same info if incorrect about Star being a Gray model, which we know it wasn't. You can never trust Wiki info for correctness on many things.

Hi Gary .. I know nothing about Gray other than what I read in the Complete Encyclopedia of Cars 1885 - 1968. This one I think would be a rare car and less than 4000 miles on it.

Seems there are two Gray. One is 1920 built by Gray Light Car Corp, Longmont and Denver, Colo. Only two built both cycle cars, one with single cyl motor cycle engine, the other a twin, both made by Harley-Davidson.

Second is 1922 - 1926 Gray Motor Corp, Detroit Mich.
Says during the 20's, two makes, Star and Gray, tried to win a share of the mass market dominated by Ford Model T. The Gray was in fact made by former employees of Ford, who included the head of Gray Corp, F.L.Klingensmith, and was similar to the Ford in several features of engine and chassis. A side valve, 4 cyl, 2.7 litre engine was used. Unlike the Ford, the Gray's springing was conventional quarter-elliptics at front and rear. Front wheel brakes were offered in 1926, but that year was its last. The company's grandiose plans, which inc making a quarter million cars in the first year of production, at $490 for the touring and $760 for the coach, were never fully realized.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Dominion built 614 Sedan


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