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1929 Durant?

I'm a police officer with the Eugene Oregon please Department. I am putting together a history wall and located the first police car for the department. I am told it is a 1929 Durant. Can anyone verify this and/or tell me the model? Thank you very much.

http://s1250.photobucket.com/user/Gemini_Dave/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_3953_zpsvgwph3ly.png.html?filters =145739757&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

Where Are You From? Eugene Oregon

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Re: 1929 Durant?

Hi Dave.....

The picture is a 1930 model 614 Durant.

The spears on the hood are unique to the 614

Keep us updated with the history of your department.

Thank you all for your service!

Cathy & Frank.... ---

Where Are You From? Hookstown Pennsylvania

Do You own a car built by Durant? many

Re: 1929 Durant?

I suspect the photo depicts delivery of the new car to the police department. When you enlarge the pic, the car is spotless and so shiny you can see the reflection of the officer in the paint. The tires and spokes as well as the chrome are all spotless too. Being a 1930 model and a 1929 license plate would lead one to speculate it was a fall delivery. Certainly a very proud moment for this officer and the department.

Where Are You From? Oro, Ontario, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star F Touring

Re: 1929 Durant?


Our 1930 Durant 407 has the same spears on the hood, and we have a brochure showing those spears. I think that the 1930 models were the only ones with those spears.


Where Are You From? NJ/CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes

Re: 1929 Durant?

I agree, it must have been a fall car from the Oakland factory.
The Oakland factory stopped production in 1930 and converted to DeVaux production, so I'd guess there weren't many 1930 Oakland cars produced.

Where Are You From? Fremont, CA

Do You own a car built by Durant? 129 Model 60 Roadster

Re: 1929 Durant?

That's interesting as the 614 came out Jan 4 1930. Perhaps someone put a 1929 plate on this coupe or its based on birthday of owner, (previous sale if a Co) so later would get a 1930 plate at renewal.

Jan 4 1930 to Dec 31 1930
L-1001 to L-30,000
C-1001 to C-7,783
T-1001 to T-3,523
Jan 1 1932 is an update to the 614 and spear hoods gone as is Oakland plant. Dec 17 1930, Oakland plant stops making Durant cars.

Not surprised Charlie. The 407 is a Canadian model but copied by Oakland to a point. Oakland based theirs on the 614 and used spear handles not the plain ones we have that sort of resemble the 619, but without the raised center. Reg Bent's 407 Rugby has the plain and I suspect Lance's 407 from Ray Walker also plain handles. Any 407 I have seen up here has the plain ones. Terry's site shows the correct hood with louver and space in the middle. Could well be someone switched yours to the spear just like dealers switched spear hoods to louvered hoods if the customer wanted that style instead.

This is a 407 open car handle
 photo 001_2.jpg

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Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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