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Durant - Dort Carriage

Came across this while searching craigslist and found it interesting.


Found this information about Durant - Dort Carriage Companty

William C. Durant and his business partner, J. Dallas Dort, completed this building (Flint, Michigan) in 1896. It was originally the headquarters of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company, one of the largest volume producers of horse-drawn vehicles in the United States at the turn of the century. Many of the decisions that led to the birth of General Motors, now the world's largest automobile manufacturer, took place here. After the carriage firm ceased operations in 1917, this building was headquarters of the now defunct Dort Motor Car Company until 1925. The Durant-Dort Carriage Office Building is the last structure in Flint linked to "Billy" Durant's pioneer efforts in automobile manufacturing. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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Re: Durant - Dort Carriage

Yes a bit of and interesting history there and things were changing fast at that time in car assembly.

GM once the king, was dethroned some time ago unfortunately. I like GM but I think they were so big and bloated they grossly underestimated and ignored the threats of competitors and their ever improving quality and products the customers wanted. After all, we're so big, who can catch us now they thought. And we have a loyal customer base at GM. Well, they certainly did at one time but you see all generations driving import cars of all descriptions today.

To wrap up, Toyota is currently the largest volume auto maker, followed by VW. I heard five or six years ago VW wanted to become number one and I chuckled. They actually achieved number one status last year for some months prior to the emissions scandal blowing wide open. GM is currently in the number three spot. Changing times.

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Re: Durant - Dort Carriage

I don't think it can be explained very simply. It was a combination
of World trade treaties, which divvy up the spheres of influence. Also the
local subsidies in terms of loans, tax abatements, and interest rates.
Pollution laws and labor union issues and advantages. Small dealerships forced to close. Loss of Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn. Surviving dealers forced to build new expensive showrooms. International trade in intellectual property. Out-sourcing. End of owner-maintenance capabilities; creation of computer-controlled everything. Generational prejudice against rust-belt industry.

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