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Re: 1926? Durant Sedan help.

Yes Billy did that as we see in the new Registry and it wasn't the first time to say Star 4 or Durant 6, which seems to confuse people. However using vin books there was no Star 4 model, just C, F, M, M2. Look in durantcars under Star lit and Terry has a 1926 "Star 4". I saw same thing in newspaper ads pre 1928 where the Star was just called the Star 4. Look under Durant lit 1928 and Terry has "Durant 4", 1929 he has three brochures saying "Durant 4".

Billy continued the nonsense by changing the trucks to Rugby in April 1928 except the M2 Durant which wasn't changed until the spilt to M4 Durant car and S4 Rugby truck.

All the way through this empire nothing was straight forward and vehicles came from the plants with current or past parts. They just kept using up old parts to shove vehicles out the door. Its that old saying about no two cars the same, should have been the motto. Then add Leaside had its parts supplier so we did our own thing like Robertson screws and other things we have been told our cars are not correct. One small thing is the beehive taillight was used 65 and 1931 in the US but we used it on a few pre 30 models and all Durant / Rugby 1930 - 32 and Frontenac 31 / 32. We've been told rear wire mount spare was incorrect and should be side mount. Not here the 31 614 here is rear mount as is my 32 and we destroyed a 30 614 in the 60's for parts with rear mount.

Not surprised the car has a Star emblem only on your M2. We ran into a 32A engine that has Durant named engine plate in a Frontenac. They must have just grabbed engines assembling vehicles and stuck them in frame not paying attention if it should have Durant or Frontenac on the plates. Again with the using up of parts, my 32 is the newest of the 614's so you would assume the engine serial would be higher than the others. In fact its the reverse with serials higher on the older cars. Must be the way they stacked engines at the plant they got used in reverse order ??

Yes that M2 Star is in the wrong place in photo's and should be in the Star photos.

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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