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Wood sills measurements on a touring body

Anyone have a measurement on the far back end of the sills width. I've got measurements all along up to the dogleg but not the final at the rear where the tub fits. Read in an old partner article that that has to be correct for the rear fenders to line up with the front fenders. Right now it looks like 43 1/2 inches ?? Having lots of fun and have rebuilt these sills twice but close to finish this time. Also I will be doing a second body later on, anyone have any extra doors off any Durant product ? Need to be from a touring or roadster or coupster and also will be looking for the recessed hinges. Any help would be appreciated. Dave

Where Are You From? Custer, S.D.

Do You own a car built by Durant? yes, 1927 Star

Re: Wood sills measurements on a touring body

Hello other David.
I'm gonna go out in a limb as I am new here but not new to vintage cars and offer some obvious simple tips ,suggestions or Bull Sh..T !

I have re-woooded a few open car with and without patterns for common and uncommon cars...with more than reasonable success with probably lots of luck thrown in.!

From where you are at , as far with matching up your rear fender alignment from scratch with not much for your rear body beam pattern I assume .
Start by building up a simple mock up of your back bucket or tub(hot rod term)putting your sheet metal(repaired or not but straight enough ) in place, with just roughed out bits scraps of wood or metal strap scarps to hold it together as you think required and ridged with clamps with wire and temporary screws, chewing gum and "bull dog cement #5" if they still make it (LOL!) etc.
Get your rear fenders on and sight them for form ,fit and trueness as YOU like. If your within 1/4" your doing fine (front of fender to back and square ness from left bucket side to right bucket and over all fender width from side to side..Trust you eyes and try not to over strain sheet metal to fit.

Measure wood oversize and whittle down to fit...(cut outside the lines LOL!)
It's slow and boring at times..but once your in the grove of try and fit it over and over it isn't so bad as you have already learned ."(made the sills twice)"

Note: and a big NOTE: you may still have to or most likely have to fool with your rear doors an dogleg again(and again and again) at the same time!!!!!!

From the another David with a teased out mostly original '23 Star with GOOD wood but lots of funky other problems from neglect and poor mechanics.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1923 Star Model C touring car


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