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Outstanding Flint Depot Hack

There is a really nice Flint Depot Hack on Ebay # 141658592734. Has it ever been displayed at any of our events? This must be a rare build or did Flint ever build such a vehicle?
At any rate, it would go perfectly with Ed Vomero's stable of beauties!

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Re: Outstanding Flint Depot Hack

Hey Don;
This has been around for a number of years now, and owners have come and gone as members. From the pictures I've seen and the ones posted in the past when it was for sale years ago on Ebay, looks like it was a professional body and an original one. She is a rare bird indeed and it would be interesting if the original history could be found.

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Re: Outstanding Flint Depot Hack

Hey guys;
Here is some info on the Depot Hack:
Tom Twomey:
This Flint is a 1926 model Z18 Depot Hack. It has the shortest wheelbase (110”) and smallest motor (169 cu.in.,40hp) of any of the Flints produced. There were less then 2000 Z18’s built and had a unique feature of only 2 wheel mechanical brakes. Since purchasing this vehicle in 2006, I have had the engine compartment and the body restored. The Hacks framework, posts and windshield are finished in natural wood while the small panels are finished in walnut stain. The seats are finished in brown artificial leather with soft spring cushions. A feature of particular interest to this model is the adoption of rubber shock insulators on all 4 springs instead of the usual shackles.
Jim G.

Re: Outstanding Flint Depot Hack

I also posted this on the for sale section, as I just found it on Craigslist..
Tom Twomey has a home near where my parents used to live, East Hampton, NY. after seeing the car in 2006 at a local show we encouraged him to join the club. He did and was on the 2007 cover of the Durant Partner. He passed away suddenly last fall.
The craigs list post have many detailed pictures of the engine plate and the continental motors plate.. details of the woodwork.. sure looks Mifflinburg original to me.
A great rare car… any takers?
craigslist New York, Long Island
1926 Flint Depot Hack, good condition


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Re: Outstanding Flint Depot Hack

Jim .. since have the car perhaps you can answer what I put on Carol's other posting about casting dates of block / head so we know what plant and model year it is, to add the info to the Registry.

Odd the vin plate only gives Z and not Z-18 and no E or F as beginning of VIN serial. Perhaps a replacement plate that Frank took over selling and only has Flint, not Elizabeth made.

Since so few Dominion Motors vehicles now exist Tim bought one of Franks repro plates to replace the orig that only fit prior to Dominion cars with Durant Motors only on it. Thankfully Bob has the orig back on the 633, with what's left of orig plate info.

However we have the same here with the 1931 / 32 Frontenac's. VIN plates only show E for the 1931 E-618 and again E for the 1932 E-670. What gives it away other than a few cosmetic changes is the VIN alpha. 1931 is E-1001 to E-1301 and 1932 is G 1302 to model end. So E is the E-618 and G is the E-670. Aftermarkets only show E or 670 but nothing on the car to say 618 or 670.

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