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Source for Star Carburetors

My Star came with a Tillotson MV 1A carburetor. It's made out of "Red Brass" which doesn't disintegrate like pot metal. It works very well. This one and the MV 1B were original equipment and can be frequently found on eBay. Search for "Tillotson Brass Carburetor MV 1A".

Today I stumbled across an eBay source for a rebuild kit for both carbs. It is:

Discount Marine Parts
PO Box 98
Bark River, MI 49807


As far as I can tell from the pictures, the only difference between the two is the 1A had a stop-screw for idle adjustment and the 1B relied on the linkage for this.

If you see one on EBay and aren't sure if it is complete, send me an email and I'll check it out. (One on there recently was missing the throttle mechanism.)

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star

Re: Source for Star Carburetors

Hi Vince;
This guy at Discount Marine is very very helpful and has the diagrams for just about all the Tillotson carbs. A couple of years ago I saw his ads too on Ebay and wrote him about the possibility of having a rebuild kit for my rather rare model 13B carb. He replied that he did and made up a kit for me for I think around $38 or so. Another guy out west that restores old carbs wanted $450, yes that's $450 for a rebuild kit. I think this guy not only does marine work, but got interested in restoring old snow mobiles and many of them had Tillotson carbs on them. I recommend him, he did alright by me.

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Re: Source for Star Carburetors

I couldn't agree more about Discount Marine. He helped me by letting me test a prototype needle & seat kit in my Tillotson carb. I have gotten the special LV1A & LV1B kits as well. Great guy to work with and very reasonable.

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Re: Source for Star Carburetors

I had the guy in Phoenix rebuild my carb. His work was excellent but hyper-expensive. I would have saved a lot of $ if I'd known about Discount Marine.

Where Are You From? North of SF

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1925 Star


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