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Touring roof - Question

Good-day to all.
I am finally getting the roof put on my car.
I have found folding irons, saddles, back window and gotten new ribs made.
All is in place other than the fabric. I have done my best to find pictures of our requirements on the net. I have found some, but they also conflict.

I have a good lady that will do my roof but we need some clarifications.

1. There seems to be a strap (I have be told to use roofing material folded over 3 times and about 2 inches wide) running from front rib of car to back rib. Our question is : Does this strip stop at the top back rib or does it go all the way down to the car body ? And what is it's main function ?

2. The main roof is in 3 pieces, center (about 39 inches) and each side piece which are sown to center piece and make it over the arch of the rib.
Our question is : Is there another piece that should be put on each side, on the inside of the roof (black surface out, about 12 inches wide) where the roof goes over the arch of the ribs ? This piece seems to be sown to main center piece and side pieces in an overlapping manner. And what is this piece's main function ?

3. The back window placement is unknown. Again pictures on the net vary. My best guess, at this point, is to imagine an inside mirror (which i currently don't have) and when using the mirror with the roof up, I can see at road level (or a little higher).
I will have to get an inside mirror, as my current mirror is tied to windshield side frame and I can already see the width of the roof, at the back of the car, will not allow me usage of my outside mirror.
I would like a comment on back window height.

Tx for all help
If you're a "voice" man, I have a toll free N. American number 1-877-624-1404


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Re: Touring roof - Question

Bad timing - I just got back from my storage area when I read your e-mail. I printed it out so the next time I'm over there I'll research your questions and take some pictures of my touring's top. It may be a while though...


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Re: Touring roof - Question

Howdy Guy,

Hey, I liked the canoe top that you had on your Star at the Vancover meet...

Anyway, I ain't no expert but maybe I can be of some help...

(1) The strap you refer to I have always called the Tug strap, on my touring cars I used 2" black woven seat belt material and since I had a lot of leather left over from upholstering my Durant I used spray adhesive then wrapped the straps with leather strips, then put two top stitches approx 3/8" in from the sides....Their purpose is to hold the bows taunt and in position, it also supports the inside edge of the 12" wide pad from sagging between bows, the strap gets stapled/tacked to each bow with the back bow approx. 1 1/4" back of verticle to form a drip line at the top, and yes it is pulled taunt and fastened to the back inside of the tub (some turings have a senching buckle)...If you use the black woven seat belt material as is with your black top it will look great and be super strong.

(2) The main roof center piece is approx 39" to center of seams, the side pieces are cut wide enough for seam allowance PLUS an extra 2 1/2" for a hem along side drip edge, you will want a top stitch at bottom edge and another 2" up from bottom...The 12" pieces you refer to are the top pads, they help keep the top material from wearing through from chaffing from the bows....The pads get fastened to the front header bow and the rear bow but not the two intermediate bows, the top edge of pad is supported by the tug strap but don't believe the pads are sewn to the top...Some will also wrap the bows with bowdrill where the top makes contact.

(3) I installed my back window in the middle of the back, my back section is 24" tall so center of window is 12" up from bottom and seams fine.

A couple more notes, Don't just seam the sides pieces to the top piece when seaming the top...temporaly tack the 39" center piece in position at the 4 corners, then temporaly set your side pieces on with an overlapping seam allowance, temporaly tack the side piece at back bow then and at second bow from front with material draping around bows, take the front of the side piece and overlap the center piece enough to remove any gathering or wrinkles along the side then tack and mark for cutting and stitchig...Install seams in the direction that rain water won't collect....When doing your back piece you may or may not want to install a seam to match the top (I perfer the looks of the seam).

If you decide to install a drip edge on back bow, depending on the material but concider cutting the drip/flap on the bias of the fabric, it will help the flap to hugg the top when installed.
Also, be aware that when most topping materials are stretched taunt lineraly that in a day or two the sides have a tendency to shrink, so if you trim your sides to just cover your top irons pretty soon you will be seeing your irons as the material shrinks up, so keep this in mine and make allowances when trimming out the drip line

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