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1923 A-22 Windshield Wiper

Does anyone have the name, design, picture, or other info on the correct windshield wiper for the '23 A-22? Better yet, does anyone have an extra, even a rough one? Help appreciated.

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Re: 1923 A-22 Windshield Wiper


The Feb 1st 1923 A-22 parts book does feature a Hand Wiper Assembly pictured on the same page as Roadster and Touring Windshield frames part # 1029....I don't believe my A-22 came with a wiper as the windshield frame has never been drilled....The Wiper assembly featured has a small shaft that would go threw the upper windshield frame gust above the glass with a leaver and small knob on the inside for driver to operate, on the outside of windshield a short leaver with leaf spring to apply pressure to an approx 12" wiper blade....I believe that most wiper blades of that era were felt....I have installed a model A/T Hand wiper assembly on my '22 Hupp Opera Coupe and will eventually install one on my Other touring cars....The model A/T units don't have a leaf spring so correct blade pressure is adjusted with spacers or washers and they are only about $20 bucks for the unit, You might check for what Restoration Supply has.

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Re: 1923 A-22 Windshield Wiper

Hi: You can pick up a nice new one from macsautoparts.com for $24.75. Check their website under model T parts and just put in wiper. Happy Easter. Don

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Re: 1923 A-22 Windshield Wiper

Hello Todd!

If you want something period correct then a Folberth wiper motor was used. It beats the manual wipers. They come on EBAY every now and then. Don't confuse it with the Trico/Folberth as they are completely different. Trico filed a lawsuit over a Patent dispute around late 1925 or early 1926.
I attached a photo of a Folberth.

Good luck!


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Re: 1923 A-22 Windshield Wiper

Thanks all for the tips. I grabbed one off of Speedway Motors that will at least fill the existing hole in my windshield frame. But, I will be keeping my eyes open for a Folberth! Thanks.

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