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Star Station Wagon Owners

Hi All.....

Anyone have a running / driving Star Station wagon?

I have a TV producer looking for one to feature in an upcoming program, about the first factory station wagon. They are willing to travel anywhere in the US.

This is a history type program, not some "REALITY" show.

Frank ---

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

Frank: I have a few listed in the Registry but only one with details.
Richard Roof
R#2 Ft. Amanda Rd Spencerville Ohio 45887
phone # (419) 647-6286

It's a 1923 Star C Station Wagon, Hope this works out for them. It would be a great boost for the Clubs exposure to the public.

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

One of the best ones I've seen with an expert restoration is Lois Quenneville of Dunham, Quebec, Canada. Many of you who remember attending the Ft. Erie National we had many years ago got to see it fresh out of restoration. I beautiful and talented restoration for sure. One of the nicest I've seen. Also we have a very rare, what appears a factory or if not factory, factory authorized Flint station wagon that member Tom Twomey had in New York I believe. Of course the Star is older.

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

Not sure... is this considered a Depot hack or a Station wagon. Do you recognize the club member and his family??

 photo BekahWagonsmall1800x591.jpg

 photo DSCN2172800x600.jpg

Jim G.

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

Bob Krause, Longbeach CA has a '27 Star station wagon in our picture page but it doesn't come up....The person driving the station wagon does look somewhat like Dick Krause, Bobs son, but i'm not sure about the family....Bob passed away about 3 years back...Lance would know, how about it Lance.

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

Yes this is the 1927 Wagon my dad (Bob Krause) restored. I (Dick Krause) have shown the car a few times now. Dave Webster and myself spent time tuning it up last year, and it runs fine. I have been notified of possible interest in the car and waiting to hear the specifics.

Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

Just a question on this subject. Are the vehicles called a Station Wagon and a Depot Hack one in the same ??? Also in the Star vehicle inventory are they considered as CC models as opposed to C models ???? Thanks if you can shed some light on my questions and further my Durant education.

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Re: Star Station Wagon Owners

See if this helps CC is truck and C was station wagon.

Found this online
While many are familiar with the term Depot Hack, the origin of the term is not so well known. Built for high capacity seating and luggage carrying, this type of vehicle served a specific market. Long distance travel at the time was done by train, and almost everyone traveling by train carried luggage. Depot Hacks were designed to carry passengers and their luggage from the train station, or Depot, to their final destination, typically a hotel. Today, we call this type of vehicle a Taxi, which is what the word Hackney means. Hack is an abbreviated form of Hackney. The words Depot Hack would later be replaced by two other similar descriptive words, Station Wagon. The words themselves changed, but the meaning remained the same.

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