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The Old Partsman

Looking at a 1992 Pardner (Standard at that time) and the Old Partsman was from Marquette, Michigan. Anyone remember his name ? No membership listing since 2011 shows anyone from Marquette. I'm from that area and still have friends there and just was wondereing if the gentleman was still with us or has possible passed on.

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Re: The Old Partsman

The Old Partsman :

Frank Johnson
1820 Fitch Avenue
Marquette, MI

I have not heard from Frank for several years.

Gordon Curl

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Re: The Old Partsman

I met Frank in 2002 when I purchased a trailer load of 619 parts on ebay - a friend of Frank"s sold them for him. It was a ways but I couldn't resist and drove to Marquette to meet Frank. I found his humble home. He eventually came to the door and after talking some, backed out his Chevy cabriolet to show me. Nice man. I understand he was a true parts man. Knew his stuff. Could cross-reference parts in his head. I will try and contact his friend and find out about his status.

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Re: The Old Partsman

Wayne .. Don't know if this helps but just put name / address in search and got this.

Frank F Johnson
1820 Fitch Ave
Marquette, MI 49855

(906) 226-7342

Or this for $$ with full name Frank Ferdinand Johnson (Age 78) http://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com/d/frank-johnson/184922806

Or http://www.ypstate.com/info/mi/9016779.html

Internet is a scary place if you want to hide. Usually something out there to find people and info

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Re: The Old Partsman

Talked to Frank in 1998 and tried to see if he would continue writing articles for the new club. He stated that he was really suffering from "burn out". He devoted a lot of time in researching and writing for the Durant Family Registry.
Great guy and great work...


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Re: The Old Partsman

The info is correct.
What I heard back is:
Hi Wayne,
Frank Johnson is still around. However, he has had a lot of medical problems. That's all I know about Frank only because ....

Those who remember him could appreciate him by letting him know. Letters or cards would be best.

Where Are You From? Iowa

Do You own a car built by Durant? 31 model 619


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