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Igntion Problem

I need some feedback on a recent problem with my ignition system.

The Durant was running perfectly after I did some carb and timing adjustments

Then as I am pulling into the garage,,she quits! Then wouldn't start again, not even a chug. So I I check the all the connections key switch,coil primary, everything. Then I pull off the dist.cap and with the ignition switch on, open the breaker to check the spark. Then I saw the darndst thing,,I was getting an arc between the primary coil connection and the coil tower! There was no spark at the plug not surprisingly.

So my question is has anyone experienced this before ? What would cause that to happen? Could the coil have a hairline crack that's not visible?


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Re: Igntion Problem

There may be a crack but most likely there is surface contamination allowing the short circuit. Wipe it good and repeat your test. Make sure the tower wire is fully inserted.

Let us know what happens,

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Re: Igntion Problem

Coils can go bad without the slightest warning, especially if you are using a "vintage" coil. Running good then nothing? Did the coil feel hot? I know just replacing parts until you get it going is not how you want to proceed, but maybe a coil switchover? Ross

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Re: Igntion Problem

I had a similar problem with the Frontenac a few years back. Everything was running fine, and when I went to leave from an event, the car would not start - absolutely nothing!! The coil on the Frontenac is under the dash - it is one of the key type Finally I put my hand on the coil to see if the coil wire was firmly inserted, while someone else tried to start the car. I got one whopper of a shock, the coil tower had a hole blown right through it and no power was going through the wire. It was an old coil and as Ross says, this can happen using Vintage materials. Sure is exasperating. You just have to keep replacing and retrying.

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Do You own a car built by Durant? 1932 Frontenac

Re: Igntion Problem

Disconnect the coil wires and perform electrical ohms measurements on the primary and secondary windings. If you don't have a listing of the correct resistance values then check the coil against a good coil.

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Re: Igntion Problem

Yes Gord the 30 -32's (inc the 633, 685) had the coil / key arrangement and is probably why a lot got regular coils mounted elsewhere and just key on the dash. I had a chance to buy a nos coil / key near me from the late Gary Beaupre who's father owned Beaupre's Automotive uptown in Ottawa. Second floor was all nos parts and Gary moved everything to his house and sold the store. 32 has a reg coil under dash on the firewall and on off key on dash. With story's about old coils I passed on it. The 30 614 I had in the 60's, was same way when I got it but reg coil on firewall in engine compartment. Assume both cars owners had coil problems and updated.

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Re: Igntion Problem

Well thanks for all the help,, after I did an 0hms test I found that the coil
had gone bad. I found a Youtube vid that explained in very good detail how to use a multi-meter to determain the correct resistance.

So I guess 84 years is a pretty good run for a coil. Time for a new one!

The arcing at the coil is still a mystery??!!



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