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I have been thinking for some time about tearing my car all down again and rebuilding a bit better. I was not happy with it the way it is right now so --I started today. taking the interior out and exposing all the bad wood work I did when I had no pattern or anything to act as a guide. I can use all the assistance I can get so if anyone has a pattern for any of the pieces I would be very happy to get a copy. I will be starting right from the frame ( the sills.) then working from that a piece at a time.I think I can manage to rebuild the sills now and do a better job. Any tips or helpfull sketches would be great.
Thanks everyone.

Where Are You From? Kamloops B C Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 Durant-model 614-deluxe rumble seat coupe

Re: rebuilding

Ken-I replaced 90% of the wood on my coupe during its restoration. I still have some of the old pieces lying around that I could go through to see what I still have. I could take a picture and give you some dimensions, but the best way would be to have the piece in your hand. I can see what I have if you think that would help. I was very bad at taking any photo documentation, but I can see what I've got,but it would be some old photos. Let me know . Ross

Where Are You From? Orygun

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1930 6-14

Re: rebuilding

Anything is bound to be some help--When I rebuilt mine I had nothing. The previous owner had ripped all the rotted wood out and threw it away - He tack welded the metal together so it looked good but when I started in on the thing I sure found out I had a tough job. I first thought I had done a good job -but after looking at other cars I realized I needed to do better. Thats why its being torn down again-
All I have to go by is a base plate that I got dimension for from a club member(cant remember who) And a few pieces that were still attached when I got the car -so it is pretty bad.
I need info on door posts-- Thickness and width so I can build some.Belt line wood --thickness and all Just about everything. I do have the book from Lance Haynes so I have some dimensions but it doesnt give the thickness of the wood used. I am a bit leary of the base plate as well-- Dimensions are all there but it doesnt seem to fit right so I will have to fine tne it a lot as well. As I have said--I am starting right from the frame-and going on from ther a step at a time--hopefully it will all fit better after I am done. One can only hope==lol
Thanks Ross--

Where Are You From? Kamloops B C Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes

Re: rebuilding

Well it is coming apart pretty good. Still a long way to go but I will do it. Any one with helpful tips will be appreciated. Taking the roofing off is the bigest problem--I am trying to save all the material if I can . Has anyone ever done this and saved the material??

Re: rebuilding

Well the roofing came off in pretty good shape. Took a bit of time but managed to save all the material so that is a good thing. Hopefully I will be lucky when removing the interior upholstery as well . Ceiling liner and wall material is pretty nice so I want to save it and reuse where ever I can I may need to find the trim pieces that hold the roofing in the cut out area on top. Probably be darned hard to find. Anyone have a source for this stuff?? Back at it now and remove the interior material. then the wood to rebuild. Such is life.

Re: rebuilding

Hey Ken;
I know what your going through as I have taken my car all the way apart over the last two years. My two car garage has Durant parts spread out all over so bad that I had to take my 1971 Triumph TR6 up to my son's garage for storage. He's not real happy about that, but hey I figure after all the aggravation and gray hairs he gave to me, it's kind of a pay back of sort. My new cars have never seen the garage and sit outside all the time. But I am making progress and starting to restore parts. Wheels have been done, front end is about done, snubbers just about done, gas tank done, and I hope to get the frame down to the blaster for blasting and painting this month. My advice is bag and tag everything you take off, even if it's the rusty bolt your going to replace and take lots of pictures so you can look at them to reassemble. There isn't any manuals on how these were built so you have to do that.

Where Are You From? Oviedo, Florida

Do You own a car built by Durant? 1928 Durant Model 65

Re: rebuilding

Yes Mike .. isn't pay back sweet ? I figure both my sons turned the jet black thick hair, moustache and beard, to the gray almost white everywhere up there and very thin on top, now.
Another way is fill the grandchildren up with sugar, just before they go back home. Revenge

Where Are You From? Ottawa Ont

Do You own a car built by Durant? Dominion built 1932 614 Sedan


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