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More Roofing info / inquiries

Sirs (especially Frank W.)
I realize talking to Frank W., that roofing is not an exacting science.

I am in conversation with Mel from Ohio as to making of my bows. His prices are more then reasonable $30 per bow with edges smoothened. Sorry boys, I raised his prices and told him to charge me $50 a bow (Guy the big spender).

His questions are:

1. Are the 52.5 53.5 54.5 and 55.5 inch widths inside or outside measurements ?

2. What is the radius of curve to the bows, he talks 6, 8 12 inch but believes 6 ?

3. When the top is down, do the bows fit inside one another or one atop the another ?

All help appreciated.

Also I need bow handles, I'll take anything that approximates.
T7PHBhe frame for the back window I am also lacking.
Anyone going to Hershey's, or any other sale, please keep an eye out for me.
Buy it, I reimburse any effort. There are no "Hershey's" where I live, just bush.

Enjoying the summer and the Star, hope you are.

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Re: More Roofing info / inquiries


A couple thoughts on your top, the rear window and frame can be purchaced at most model A reproduction parts dealers in either black or polished stainless, most have different sizes available, I bought the one for my A-22 at Lebaron Bonney, as I recall the frames are made to sandwitch the topping material and bolt or screw together....Bows, if you decide to go with a 6" radius bow which is probably correct, I would recommend an 8" radius on the front header bow as it hangs out off the front windshield and trimms better when the top is up.....If you can't come up with the bow inside or outside measurements, measure your tub with at the prop pivot pin and be asured that you have proper body clearance (I don't have a Star touring).....Now, Mel will probably supply you with bows that are approx 1"X 1 1/2" with the radius and the tails running long, you will need to trim and shape them to your sockets, do you have the correct Irons with sockets? Do you know the correct height of each bow? The rear bow is usually the tallest then are progressivly shorter to the header....You mentioned "bow handles", are you meaning "bow sockets" If so Mel's also makes those also.....

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Top Iron Sockets

If you are looking for a source for top Bow Sockets for your roadster or touring, I spoke with "Mel's" at the Chickasha swap meet, Mel had a set on display and they looked good...He said he could make the castings from your drawing (or tracing)..The sockets are made as original and are rolled with an S crimp...For more info contact Mel's at P.O. Box 179 - Jeromesville, OH 44840 (419) 368-3226.
price...Roadster 260.00 Touring 360.00...Mel also mentioned that if he can use your old casting it will save you some money....Bill
(please don't talk mell into raising these prices)

Oh, you also need tug straps, front bow hardware to latch top to windshield, ect.
Piecing a top together can be quite involved.

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Re: More Roofing info / inquiries

Tx Bill.

Where Are You From? Peace River Alberta

Do You own a car built by Durant? 26 Star M Tourning


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