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Slow starting

I have owned my 28 Durant for over 20 years. Two door sedan, Model M-2 During this time, it always starts, but turns over so slowly that I keep my fingers crossed. It is on its third battery, all cables large size, all connections always cleaned and checked. Good ground to starter. Starter also completely rebuilt. connections to starter checked. Battery recharged when needed. Is there anything about the inside of the starter switch that should be checked Seems if I push the starter harder it helps. Any thoughts ??? Fritz

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Re: Slow starting

I had a problem with my floor starter switch arcing and then carbon deposits between the contacts. Same symptoms you have. A $12.00 replacement switch(oddly enough still available at my local NAPA store), solved the problem. Sometimes hard to think of the simplest part in the system failing.

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Re: Slow starting

6 volt systems tend to be slow cranking. I assume by "large cables" you meant that you have those for 6 volt rather than 12 volt systems. Most parts stores don't carry the six volt ones any more.

Yes, there are contacts inside the switch that can corrode. Try jumping across the starter switch by removing one cable from the bottom and firmly touching it to the bare contact of the other cable. Use heavy gloves etc. because it will spark. If it spins faster, you have a switch problem.

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Re: Slow starting


The same car as mine. The engine was the same on mine as well, the starter kicked it over slowly, and you had to pray.
http://gfeathe6.wix.com/durant-m2#!status/c19om (click on the video of the process of me trying to start the car to hear what it used to be like)

Since the rebuild (and I will eventually post that video) it's kicking over like a new starter. It's fast. Really fast. I'm not sure who's work helped the most. There are new bearings and brushes in the starter, I had done quite a lot of cleaning and polishing work on the armature and housing previous to this, as well as polishing the communicator and any connections. So I can say now that the starters can definitely work better after a rebuilt if it's done right I guess.

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