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Resistance Wires - Igniition switch / lights / dimmer

Hi All,

Thanks again to all that are helping. The curly wires on the back of the ignition switch that connect the headlight lamp to the dimmer and park light settings are pretty sad looking on my switch. I am trying to find a replacement.

Today I went around to electronic component stores, starter and alternator stores, Engine stores etc.

The wire as I have been told is likely a resistance wire. the person in the motor shop thought it was probably a Nichrome wire (insulated) and that I would probably need to find the guage and wind it the same length / same amount of coils as the original.

The electronics guy measured the resistance, it didn't register any resistance, and he said it was shorting out (this is with the wire removed.)

I could probably find nichrome wire, I could probably even find it with shielding, but would this be the best route?

If I knew how much resistance there was to go from the regular headlight lamp to the dim, and then to the park, I could use electronics resisters couldn't I? Does anyone have any idea how much resistance there should be? And if they should be strung in parallel?

Thanks so much!


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Re: Resistance Wires - Igniition switch / lights / dimmer

Odds are you would melt any resistor meant for electronics. You could try wiring a 6 volt bulb across the terminals.

If you want to use nichrome wire,you could measure the resistance in the headlight circuit. Then experiment by adding wire - start with half the measured resistance. Use some test leads with alligator clips and keep adding our subtracting wire.

My pieces showed resistance but I just left them off. It's not like the lights are too bright.

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