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Questions after getting the M2 running:

The process of getting it running lead to several questions, some about the water pump, others just more generic questions.

Accelerator - On the car we have, it doesn't seem very secure. It looks like there is only a spring holding it engine. The hole in the floor it comes through is large, and there is a lot of room for it to move around. I get the feeling something's missing even though it's working. It did fall off at one point. Also the spring doesn't seem strong enough to always return the pedal. It gets stuck.

Thermostat - Has anyone put a thermostat on to control water?

Water pump - The purpose of running the car was to test this. We did our best to rebuild this. This included machining new parts. The impeller fins were a little beat up but were still pretty close to the plate on the inside. It spins nicely, but it doesn't seem to be pushing the water through. The Rad is disconnected, and the lower pip is (a fair bit longer than usual) it's held well above the level of the engine with water to the brim. When it's turned on, the water level drops a bit in the pipe, but not much. We tried pushing water through to eliminate vacuum problems. Water still isn't being drawn into the bucket that the upper pipe drops into. Is there a priming method? Thoughts?

There is a small piece of metal tubing coming off the vacuum and enters the cab of the car at the upper left corner of the window, then ends abruptly. I think this might have once been connected to some form of windshield wiper, but I wanted to confirm, also if anyone might have good pictures of it connecting, and how it connected. I don't have the wiper anymore if there was one.

Spark Advance lever - doesn't seem to do much on the car, and is really stiff. Does anyone have one that functions and have pictures of how it is setup?

I have other questions still, but will post later.

This was the process the other day if anyone was interested :)

Where Are You From? Langley BC, Canada

Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes - 1928 Durant M2

Re: Questions after getting the M2 running:

Accelerator- I had to add two springs to get enough tension, and the hole in the floorboard is the way it is?
Thermostat- NO thermostat's
Water pump- it is only for circulate water and not for sucking water and there is no priming.
the small metal tube is for the vacuum wipers my advive is plug it off and buy a 6 volt wiper
Spark Advance??????????

Where Are You From? Utah

Do You own a car built by Durant? '28 M2 29 M4


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