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Online / picture - help with restoration


I am writing to see what sort of help might be out there to help me learn about my durant m2. It's a 1928, and slowly I have been trying to get the main issues with it resolved. It's in fairly good condition for it's age, but I am definitely not a classic cars expert :). I was hoping someone might like to start a video - tutor sort of set of youtube videos to help go through everything that needs to be checked and fixed on this car in order to get it on the road.

What I would like to do is post a video, show what the car looks like, engine and all, and have someone, or multiple people reply with video's and pictures to show what to check and how to do it until it's running again.

The engine is pretty clean. We just had the waterpump fixed and the radiator is being fixed next week. I know there are things that need to be done for the electrical end of the car, and I will eventually want to get mirrors, belts and brake / turn signals installed. Mainly though I want to get it running at the moment.

So as soon as the radiator is done, I think it should be ready to run, but I have to get a battery and get the starter working. I have heard that 12V should be alright with the car as long as it's not hooked up to some of the components inside the car. 12V was recommended apparently because it was hard for the 6V's to get the engine to turn over fast enough?

Anway, if anyone out there has interest in helping me get the M2 out and running this year, please drop me a line :).


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Do You own a car built by Durant? Yes - 1928 Durant M2

Re: Online / picture - help with restoration


While I am not the person that can help you, I am sure that once Easter is over one of the M2 specialists will give you assistance.

I on the other hand would like to let you know about the annual DMAC meeting in San Diego, where not only can you meet members of the club, get lots of info about Durants, but you can have fun as well. Read the posts about the meet to get some info, and we will have a registration form available in the next couple of weeks.

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Re: Online / picture - help with restoration

From what I know you can't use a 12 volt battery in a 6 volt system ,without adaptions. As long as you disconnect the battery cable from the starter, you can use cables starter / frame, 12 volt for short bursts, to crank the motor over to get it running. Connecting 12 volts to system will blow everything. The 6 volt battery disconnected from starter will let it run fine.

You've only got a 4 cyl so should not be a problem using the 6 volt. When we first got my 614 running that's what we did after sitting for over 40 yrs. She was hand cranked to keep her free over the 40 + years. Don't know how the former owner did that. I don't think anyone could hand crank the engine over to get it running. Takes most of your strength to even move it. Once we figured out my mistake of missing a tiny pin hole vent in the carb, she roared to life using 12 volt to starter only and 6 volt to rest. Reconnected the battery cable and used the 6 volt to restart her. Drove it a short distance under her own steam. Even after that theres no way anyone can spin that motor with the hand crank.

I'm sure there are lots of DMAC'ers who can assist you about the M2.

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Re: Online / picture - help with restoration

remember to use double ought battery cables.."00"..or 2 ought...they are thicker than 12 volt cables and work better on 6 volt cars

12 volt cables have too much resistance for 6 volt electricity

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Re: Online / picture - help with restoration

While your starter can handle 12 volts and will spin faster, nothing else in the car can handle 12 volts. Light bulbs bulbs and guages will burn out and your generator will still only put out 6 to 8 volts.

6 Volts was fine for most engines until they came out with high compression V-8s in the 50's and then added a lot of accessories. I have a 1950 Mercury with flathead V8 that is six volts. After its been sitting for a month, I have to crank it quite bit to get the gas to the carb. It always has enough juice to start this much bigger engine.

The two most important things when resurrecting an old car are the cooling and fuel systems. You've already done the radiator. Before connecting it, flush the engine throughly. Cut up a tea strainer and put it over the inlet side of the radiator before re-attaching the hose. Run the engine several times, remove the hose and clean out the strainer. Repeat until no more gunk is captured.

Clean the entire fuel system from the tank to the carb. before trying to start the engine. I usually take my tank to a radiator shop and have them boil it out. Add a filter before the carb. I like the kind you can see through.


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